On a recent visit to a wholesale lab, I was shown a new industrial edger. An impressive machine, it incorporated a number of new features the manufacturer said were requested by labs. The requests were generated through a formal process the manufacturer called the “voice of the customer,” in which the edger manufacturer solicited feed backand suggestions about how to make its products better.

At L&T, we also receive customer feedback from you, our readers. The “voice of the reader” may come through letters to the editor, or reader surveys, or just informal conversations between our editors and readers. We then use customer feedback to analyze and improve our editorial content.

More typically, the voice of the L&T reader is heard through our articles. When L&T explains how to process and dispense the latest lens products or describes a new technology, we incorporate the voice of our customers/readers—the experienced vision care practitioners, optical retailers, lab managers and educators who have first-hand knowledge of the subject. Their ideas, insights and experiences inform our articles. This enables us to stay in touch with the market and provide you with a “real world” perspective
that publications which speak primarily to suppliers can’t provide. We appreciate the many readers who share their knowledge with us every month. They are the true voice of L&T.
—Andrew Karp