Liquid Icon is a San Diego-based sport eyewear company with the motto, “Rx without limits,” which refers to the design that has allowed Liquid Eyewear to fit any prescription lens up to + or –15. Liquid Eyewear is a solid one-piece frame made of aluminum with no screws or bolts and weighs less than 39 grams. Although the frames don’t fold, the solid design and soft molded nose piece allows the design to mold to the face, creating a custom fit that won’t slip. Lenses feature an eight-base curve and are polarized. Photochromic options are available. The Rx lens insert, which utilizes wrap compensation technology to correct the curvature and avoid the “fish bowl” effect, is a clear L-Poly material held in place by a reverse bevel and is easily removable. Optional foam inserts are offered.

Photographed by Matthew Lambros/Black Box Studio


“To create Liquid Eyewear, I went back to my grass roots. I always rode motorcycles and I thought because my eyewear was made of aluminum it would appeal to bikers. Later I learned that cops ride bikes and they too were picking up on the brand. This then turned into military people who ride bikes and has since spread to other outdoor enthusiasts such as skiers and even musicians because it doesn’t fall off during performances,” says Rock Wilson, Liquid Icon founder.

Merchandising materials include floor and counter displays and banners.

$$$ to $$$$. For additional information, contact Liquid Icon, (800) 940-8182; web site:

Rock Wilson founded Liquid Eyewear in 2001 in San Diego after selling his share of Gatorz Sunglasses, which he founded in 1988. Liquid Eyewear is 100 percent manufactured in the U.S.