For a good many years, I have enjoyed Andrew Karp’s informative and well-written articles. I particularly enjoyed Karp’s 20/20 July 2008 L&T column “Eyewear is Bespoken Here.” The following story may not be a true example of bespoken, but I thought nevertheless you may find it interesting and informative.

I have been an optician for over 40 years. Recently a local ophthalmologist referred an elderly patient to me for new prescription eyewear. The patient was a small frail elderly lady wearing a strong hyperopic prescription. Surprisingly her current lenses were made of glass. The weight of the glass not only made a severe mark on her nose, but it also appeared the skin was tearing. When she sat at my dispensing table the obvious recommendation would be to switch her from the heavy weight glass to the light weight polycarbonate. I proceeded to tell her all the advantages of the polycarbonate material over glass. Amongst the advantages I said: “Polycarbonate is half the weight of glass.” Her immediate response to me was: “How long does it take to make glass?” I had a bewildered expression on my face. What she asked me had nothing to do with what I said. Actually what she said made sense. Moments later I remembered what I said: “Polycarbonate is half the weight of glass.” She interpreted what I said as “half the w-a-i-t.” She is currently very happy with her light-weight, well-fitted eyewear.
Irwin Goldberg, optician
BJ’s Optical, Rochester, N.Y.  

I am writing to you to tell you how much I enjoy the articles by Barry Santini. The July feature, “Can We Be Objective About Refraction?” may be his best. The topic covered gave me a deeper understanding of refractions and the dispensing of eyewear. He has a refreshing way of presenting the topics covered. He is not only very proficient in optics, but his writing style is also easy to follow and enjoyable. I truly respect and admire Barry for sharing his vast optical knowledge with us. I want to thank you for providing Barry the platform to share with the optical community. I truly appreciate it!
Bob Fesmire
Colonial Optometric Associates, Downingtown,Pa.