Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout this sharp dressed man. And our featured cover star G. Love made more than a few musical and sartorial references to Lightnin’ Hopkins as a man well worth following for numerous reasons. Garrett’s (G.’s given name) accolade sent 20/20 on a research missive and, sure enough, Hopkins always sported great looking sunglasses in every photograph. The title here references a languid song by Sam (Lightnin’s given name) palpable with oppressive musical heat and sexual tension demanding the shade and sage of his accomplished relationship with music. Hopkins was guitar-fisted in his connection to the very heart and soul of true American cultural significances. If sighting his sunglasses can bring you to his sound, 20/20 stands rightly accused of being satisfied.
—James J. Spina

Since we took some rocking liberties with this month’s April “sport” issue, 20/20  thought it justified to swing back with some previous athlete-inspired coverage. Here golf pro Natalie Gulbis sights the green in an Adidas shield from Silhouette Optical. As for foresight: Shields are back big time.