It’s time to celebrate the good.

Actually, it’s always a good time for that. But now, as we confront this incredibly imposing economic crisis, it’s a particularly good time to do it.

These days, I admit, it does seem harder and harder to celebrate. We are all waiting, nagged by that somewhat anxious feeling, anticipating the next “can it get any worse” headline. Yes, undoubtedly, a few more will come. This seems certain: There will be more bad news.

Nonetheless, staying positive has to be our goal. Focusing on the good—especially all the good coming out of our industry—has to remain a top priority. I know you’re up for it: that’s one of the reasons you’re holding this issue of 20/20 in your hands right now. Just flip through the pages and you’ll get a small sampling, a snapshot of the terrific good our industry creates. The new products, the new companies, the new ideas we’ve packed into these pages for you to read and learn about only begin to scratch the surface of our industry’s creativity and contributions—contributions that help others see better and look better at the same time. What a great business we’re in!

As I think about what our industry has to offer (just look at this issue, which is packed with new product launches, licenses and line extensions) I know many of you are working hard to identify new opportunities despite the harsh environment we face. And, just in case you need reminding, we’ll be here to celebrate your efforts. Because, that’s what we do (and we do it pretty well I’m happy to say). This has been our mission at Jobson since our first issue of 20/20 in 1974. Sure we’ve evolved, as have you and our industry. Our portfolio has grown, expanding to meet an ever-demanding market’s need for information, news, data—all delivered in a complex series of formats that continue to take on new shape as technology gives us new tools to create them. But there’s one thing you can count on: We’ll be here as your resource, a place where you can witness our industry’s inspiration and creativity. We’re going to keep celebrating the good—because that’s what we do, the small contribution we make to this industry’s terrific progress and achievement. Come on, dig in; let’s celebrate!

Marc Ferrara
CEO, Information Services Division