Signet Armorlite Sponsors Song ContestSignet Armorlite, recently sponsored a song contest for labs to come up with a theme song for its new Kodak Unique Progressive ad campaign. The winner, Katz & Klein, Sacramento, Calif., was announced at the Signet booth during the Optical Laboratories Association (OLA) meeting in November. Music and vocals were provided by Katz & Klein’s Le Juan Bean, Heide Matthews-Boullt, and Bob Haney. The prize for the winning song is an all-expense paid party for the lab’s 45 employees.

Accepting the grand prize at the Signet booth during OLA are (above) Carolyn and Steve LaDuke of Katz & Klein, and Signet’s Ed DeRosa.

Transitions Intros ABO-Approved Course On Internet Learning — Recognizing the growing role of the Internet as a convenient information resource, Transitions Optical, through its Partners in Education program, is introducing a new ABO-approved course designed to help eyecare professionals utilize the Internet to enhance their professional growth and better meet the needs of their customers. Authored by industry veteran and master optician Mike DiSanto, the course, “Internet Resources for Eyecare Professionals,” details the benefits of using the Internet as a continuing education tool, and highlights specific web sites with useful information, helping to ensure that opticians are on the right path as they navigate the vast information “eye way.”

“Like most busy professionals, opticians probably know that there is a lot of great information out there on the web, but don’t have the time to surf around for it,” says Carole Bratteig, manager, education and training, Transitions. “This course helps them skip that legwork and walk away with a much deeper understanding of the many resources available to them with the click of a mouse.”

The new course covers how the Internet can be used to seek information on topics ranging from the anatomy and conditions of the eye, to optical terminology, to the latest on lens designs, materials and enhancements. Four categories of useful sites are identified: * The web sites of optical industry associations include strong, reputable sources such as the Vision Council of America, American Academy of Optometry, American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Optometric Association, National Academy of Opticianry and Optician’s Association of Canada. These sites provide a wealth of information geared toward the market they represent.

* Web sites hosted by optical industry publishers, including more than 25 in North America alone, offer industry professionals access to the latest news in the optical industry and valuable educational opportunities.

* Optical manufacturers’ web sites can serve as handy reference for information like product availability, and also provide tips on dispensing, technical information, education and marketing support.

* Consumer-oriented web sites offer information, tools and games that can be educational and fun for both eyecare professionals and patients. Many of these also offer sections specifically for industry professionals. Those who complete the course will receive a guide that includes a list of all of the web sites discussed and the tools found on each, to take as a reference.

“Currently, tens of thousands of web sites deal solely with health matters,” says Bratteig. “Because the Internet is so immense, it can be intimidating or overwhelming to try to locate reliable information. We hope this guide will be a helpful start.”

To take advantage of the new Internet ABO course or for more information on other courses offered through the Transitions Partner in Education program, eyecare professionals should contact their Transitions Optical Solutions Team representative or call Transitions Optical customer service at (800) 848-1506.

— Andrew Karp