iCoat Launches Stainless Rewards Program for AR Coating — iCoat Company, based in Santa Fe Spring, Calif., is launching iCoat Stainless Rewards, a sales promotion in support of its premium Stainless AR coating. From now until the end of 2006, wholesale labs simply forward the rewards stickers they receive from iCoat directly to their eyecare professional customers. Their customers then collect the stickers and redeem them directly from iCoat. Participating wholesalers will have their portion of the redemption reimbursed with complimentary Stainless vouchers good for future Stainless AR jobs.

Each time a retailer orders a premium Stainless anti-reflective (AR) coating, they will earn one $10 Stainless Reward Sticker good toward a Visa gift card. Customers simply collect the stickers they receive and redeem them in increments of $50. Once customers send in the completed Rewards Redemption Card to iCoat, a Visa gift card will be mailed to the retailer soon after. Participants can spend their Visa gift card wherever Visa is accepted and there is no limit to the number of gift cards participants can redeem.

“The Stainless Rewards Program was designed to help our clients increase business and create goodwill with their customers by offering an AR coating of exceptional superior quality,” says Arman Bernardi, PhD, iCoat’s president and CEO.

For more information, call (800) 832-2628, or visit www.icoatcompany.com

"Get a LifeRx?" Web Site Revamps Eyewear Education — In an industry that frequently uses terms like photochromic polycarbonate and encapsulation technology, learning about lenses can be difficult. Taking a visual and interactive approach to learning, Vision-Ease Lens created the "Get a LifeRx?" web site that allows both eyecare professionals and consumers to become a quirky character, journey through a dice game about life and watch a video all while learning about LifeRx lenses—the latest in photochromic lens technology.

"When explaining photochromic lenses, technical terminology can cause confusion," says Alyssa Fee, marketing communication manager, Vision- Ease Lens. "Because Vision-Ease’s LifeRx lenses are unique in comparison to other photochromic lenses, we wanted to make understanding our product educational yet interesting."

Launched in September 2006, www.getaliferx.com lets visitors select one of four characters to play the interactive game about life, eyecare and LifeRx photochromic lenses from Vision-Ease Lens. Such characters include Patty Potpourri, a freelance sushi caterer who enjoys underwater basket weaving or Finnegan Lovejoy, a cereal quality control manager who collects stamps. Once a character is selected, it's man versus machine as their challenger for the board game style competition is the computer. After clicking the mouse to roll the dice, players are prompted to answer a question that ranges from general interest to eyecare-related topics. "It's important to educate both consumers and eyecare professionals about photochromic lenses," says Fee. "The web site deals with everyday situations that show how eyecare is an integral part of our lives. It is our hope to encourage people to make healthy decisions for their eyes."

— Edited by Andrew Karp