Poker Expert Endorses Opticote Lens — John Vorhaus, a professional poker player, teacher and author of the popular "Killer Poker" book series, has discovered a new competitive advantage. Wearing sunglasses equipped with Opticote’s Poker Mirror lenses has "changed the way I look at poker," he says.

"Looking through my Opticotes I found that the world took on a crisp, ice blue hue, giving everything at the poker table an amazing crystal clarity. At the same time, the golden mirror finish blocks all prying eyes (and looks cool to boot)." Vorhaus is pictured here wearing his Poker Mirror shades at the World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas this summer. Opticote ( an independent coating laboratory located in Franklin Park, Ill., offers a wide range of ophthalmic coatings, stock ophthalmic lenses, plano sunwear and commercial coatings.

Essilor Launches Re-branding Campaign for Definity PAL — Essilor of America is launching a re-branding campaign in support of its Definity progressive lenses. It is the first major marketing campaign Essilor has undertaken for Definity since acquiring the brand last year from Johnson & Johnson. The new look and feel of Definity will demonstrate key benefits of the lens and explain why Essilor recommends it for presbyopes who have an active lifestyle, such as those pictured here.

"The new marketing campaign, WOW: Wide Open World, speaks to the feedback we received from eyecare professionals and patients when they first experience Definity lenses,” says Francois Glon, general manager, Definity. “They are amazed by the clarity, minimal distortion, wider intermediate and peripheral vision, and smooth transition that Definity offers."

Essilor will introduce new sales materials featuring the WOW logo, including sales aids for Definity and Definity Short (a shortcorridor version), patient brochures, dispensing mats and reading cards. According to Essilor, the new face of Definity will focus on three color pallets: green to signify "the active, strong lifestyle Definity helps patients maintain," berry to demonstrate "the excitement and passion of Definity," and yellow to show "the optimism and light that the lens brings to patients."

— Edited by Andrew Karp