Seiko Optical Announces Winners of Free-Form Stimulus Promotion
Seiko Optical Products announced the winners of the 2010 Free-Form Stimulus Promotion. The promotion, in partnership with Seiko’s authorized independent laboratory network, ended in June. It featured a Grand Prize Hawaii Vacation package worth $5000, a flat-screen television, and a $500 gift card. Scratch-off cards offerd additional cash prizes and the chance to win Seiko Watches.

The grand prize winner of the Hawaii vacation is Kevork Tinkjian, from Custom Eyes in Cambridge, Mass. (US Optical). The second prize winner of a flat-screen TV is Cindy Biancamano, from Optics Unlimited in Groton, Conn. (Luzerne Optical). The third prize winner of a $500 gift card goes to Cody Freeman at Lovejoy Opticians in Portland, Ore. (Laramy-K).

Museum of Vision Launches Interactive Web Site—
The Museum of Vision, an educational program of the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (FAAO) is marking its 30th anniversary by launching a interactive Web site, The new site includes the following features:
    Timeline of historical events in ophthalmology This feature, predominately displayed on the home page, includes links to six separate timelines: glaucoma, cataract, retina, refraction and refractive surgery, general ophthalmology and one large comprehensive timeline that combine the other five.

    Collection & Archives
    Use the online search to peruse the entire Museum collection, including the AAO Archive, for a specific topic of interest. This feature includes keyword and date searches, advanced searches on all fields, and a community forum area where users can sign in to leave comments.

    Research & Resources
    This aspect of the new site contains information for teachers and downloadable curriculum guides. It also houses information on artifact identification, performing historical research, photographic services and information about image rights and reproduction.

    The new Museum web site is now able to feature all of its exhibits, past and present including:
      Eyes Examined—A look at early American ophthalmology with 19th Century case studies
      Spectacular Spectacles—A review of the history of eye glasses and vision aids with examples from the collection.
      Eyes of War—World War II from the point of view of ophthalmologists who participated in different aspects of the war.
      To Fool the Eye—Insight into some of the false cures and fake medical claims that have surrounded American medicine, and
      Windows to the Soul—An examination of the ancient legends and folklore surrounding eyes and sight.

    Biographies & Oral Histories
    This section is made up of short biographical sketches and links to excerpts from the oral history program. This section also features the Legacy Project, a collaboration to identify families with multiple generations of ophthalmologists.

Younger and Transitions Offer New Training Brochure—
Younger Optics and Transitions Optical have teamed up to create the “More Choices” brochure, a new training and sales tool that introduces the concept of essential everyday and sunwear lenses as part of a patient’s total vision solution. This book can be used to help ECPs and their patients better understand that everyday lenses and sun wear lenses are complementary, not competing products.

The booklet compares and contrasts two essential everyday lenses (Transitions and Transitions XTRActive) with two essential sunwear lenses (Drivewear Transitions SolFX and NuPolar Polarized). The reader can find more information on each product via easy-access tabs that explain who the product is for, why a patient would want this product, what it looks like when a patient looks through the lenses and what the patient looks like while wearing the lenses.

The “More Choices” brochure is also helpful in getting patients to understand the differences between products often perceived as similar, and in initiating dialogue to find which lenses are right for them, according to Younger Optics.

The “More Choices” brochures are available now at no charge through Younger Optics lens consultants, or by contacting Younger Optics at The brochure is currently available in English, and a Spanish version is coming soon, Younger said.
—Andrew Karp