Think About Your Eyes Coalition Launches Video Series
The Think About Your Eyes Coalition has released the first in a series of video vignettes intended to entertain consumers while educating them about the importance of annual eye exams and the benefits they can provide to overall health. The video, which appears on the Think About Your Eyes YouTube Channel, stars the humorous eyeball characters that also appear in a video of the coalition’s recent surprise dance performance in New York’s Times Square, (above).

The new video addresses diplopia, or double vision. While entertaining, the video also notes that this is a symptom to take seriously and directs viewers to to learn more and locate an eye doctor.

The Think About Your Eyes Coalition plans to launch three more videos in the series over the next few weeks, with possible additional videos to come later this year. The videos are part of the coalition’s two-year public awareness campaign that is designed to educate Americans about a variety of eye health issues. The coalition consists of Essilor, Luxottica and VSP Global.

Zeiss Partners With Eyemaginations

Carl Zeiss Vision is partnering with Eyemaginations to offer customized Eyemaginations Luma software for Carl Zeiss Vision practices across the U.S. Zeiss has collaborated with Eyemaginations to incorporate Zeiss-specific lens products into the software, including Zeiss Individual, PureCoat, PrescripSun, Zeiss Foundation, as well as other Zeiss customized and computer lenses. This custom software allows doctors to communicate with patients with the full utility of the compelling Eyemaginations narratives, to visually explain conditions and treatment options, and to demonstrate the benefits of specific Zeiss products. With the Carl Zeiss Vision sponsorship, practices can purchase this custom Luma software at a special price and may purchase it through the Carl Zeiss Vision Rewards program.

“Today it’s not enough just to offer superior products like Zeiss Individual,” says Dave Delle Donne, Carl Zeiss Vision’s vice president, professional sales. “We also have to help practices communicate the benefits of these advanced products to the patient. Working with Eyemaginations gives us a very powerful vehicle for helping practices educate their patients.”

Jeffrey Peres, president and CEO of Eyemaginations, adds, “This relationship with Carl Zeiss Vision allows more eyecare practices to benefit from Luma. With this program, practices that market Zeiss lenses and add-ons will provide a better patient experience and grow their business at the same time. The broad Zeiss portfolio of lenses makes this collaboration feasible and we are excited to use this opportunity to broaden our distribution.”      

—Andrew Karp