Transitions Unveils Redesigned Transitions SolFx Site
Transitions Optical has relaunched the Transitions SolFx web site, The sunwear site’s new design and interactive content are intended to help visitors better understand how Transitions SolFx sun lenses differ from traditional, fixed-tint sunglasses; experience how adaptive sunwear can help improve visual performance outdoors and determine which Transitions SolFx products may be right for them.

The site’s new and improved features include product- and activity-specific demonstration tools and content, photography and purchasing information and a new Transitions SolFx video. New demonstration tools allow users to simulate the experience of wearing Transitions SolFx sunwear in changing light conditions during activities such as golf, driving, motorcycle riding, water activities, hiking, running and walking. The demonstration tools are segmented by product and each feature a comparison of a Transitions SolFx sun lens versus a traditional, fixed-tint sun lens.

The site includes links for visitors to learn more about the Transitions Championship for Healthy Sight, a PGA Tour event and the Garmin-Transitions pro cycling team. It also has tools for eyecare professionals to learn more about product specifics and availability, and an opportunity for visitors to sign up to receive updates on new products and general information.

Intercast Europe Names Zeiss Exclusive U.S. Distributor of NXT Rx Lenses
Carl Zeiss Vision and Intercast Europe have announced an exclusive distribution agreement under which Carl Zeiss Vision’s Laboratory network will be the exclusive provider of NXT Rx lenses through its national lab network and other wholesale labs. NXT Rx lenses are made using a proprietary “confined tinting” process in which the tint actually permeates the front of the lens to a depth of up to 0.9 millimeters, creating superior color stability, photochromic performance and UV protection for the life of the lens. NXT lenses are made with Trivex material and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, including matte tints, mirror tints, photochromic tints, polarized treatments and combined polarized/photochromic treatments.

Intercast Europe, based in Parma, Italy, is a wholly owned subsidiary of PPG Industries.

TruFocals Offer Presbyopes New Option
A novel new approach to correcting presbyopia involving eyeglasses with manually adjustable, dynamic focus lenses is being marketed by Zoom Focus Eyewear, a Van Nuys, Calif.-based startup. Since mid-2009, the company has been selling its proprietary glasses, called TruFocals, both online and through a small but growing group of eyecare professionals. The innovative glasses feature a patented two-lens system consisting of a polycarbonate front lens that holds the distance prescription, including astigmatic and prism corrections, and a flexible back lens with a transparent, distensible membrane attached to a clear rigid surface. The pocket between the lenses holds a small quantity of an inert, clear fluid. Wearers adjust their focus by moving a small slider on the bridge that inflates the membrane and changes the focal length of the assembly. The movement mimics the way the natural lenses perform in the youthful human eye.

Another distinctive feature of the glasses is their round shape, which is designed to maximize the lens optics. Although frame choice is limited to a single style and one eye size, customers can choose from four colors—gray, black, red and blue—plus six different lens tints. The $895 price to the consumer includes a hard coated, anti-reflective lens with hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. Options include photochromic, glare reducing and contrast enhancing lenses, and a sun shield.

Additional information for both practitioners and consumers, including a demonstration of the glasses, is available on the company’s web site,

Essilor Unveils Crizal Web Site
In order to present a strong, consistent image of the Crizal band and strengthen its identity among consumers, Essilor has launched the web site. Its purpose is to provide consumers with a simple, fun way of learning about all the benefits of Crizal anti-reflective lenses, according to Essilor. Using visuals and animated graphics, the site presents the Crizal lens offering, the technical and performance characteristics of the coatings and the technologies used to produce optimal clarity of vision.

—Andrew Karp