Edited by Andrew Karp

Signet Armorlite Releases
‘Anti-Fatigue’ Progressive Lens

Signet Armorlite is launching a new lens that uses a base-in prism design to alleviate symptomatic convergence insufficiency (CI). The condition can result in excessive eyestrain and eye fatigue experienced in presbyopic patients who perform lengthy near-viewing tasks.

The concept of incorporating base-in prism in a progressive design to relieve CI symptoms was conceived and patented by Jeffrey Krall, OD of Mitchell, S.D.

“While a patient’s eyes will naturally drift outward when performing lengthy near work, the process of turning the eyes in to maintain fixation can lead to such symptoms as eyestrain and visual fatigue that may result in headaches,” says Dr. Krall. “But the base-in prism in the reading area can assist the normal binocular function of a patient’s eyes for more comfortable near work for longer periods of time.”

The “anti-fatigue” lens was developed based upon the results of a double-blind study conducted by the Illinois College of Optometry in 2008. The results of the study are described in an article in the Illinois College of Optometry’s journal, Optometry and Vision Science, published in February.

A lens design team at Crossbows Optical, a Signet Armorlite affiliate in Northern Ireland turned the concept into a patented “Anti-Fatigue Progressive Technology.” Signet Armorlite is applying the technology to its Kodak line of progressive lenses, which consists of Kodak Unique, Kodak Precise, Kodak Precise Short and Kodak Concise Progressives. The lenses are available through wholesale labs and are produced at Signet Armorlite’s Signetek lab.

“This lens is doctor-driven. You can’t go to Wal-Mart or Costco,” says Ed DeRosa, vice president, North American sales and marketing for Signet Armorlite. “The doctor writes the scrip and keeps the scrip. It’s a perfect way to keep patients in their practice.”

Pro Fit Optix Adds
Hoya Digital Free-form Line

Pro Fit Optix, the Boca Raton-based lens distributor and “virtual lab,” is now distributing Hoya digital free-form lenses. As a result of the new distribution arrangement, both Hoyalux iD and Hoyalux iD Lifestyle lenses are available as uncuts for the first time.

Hoyalux iD is available in 1.67 and 1.70 index (clear), and 1.67 Suntech photochromic (gray and brown). All three lenses include Hoya’s Super HiVision Ar. Hoyalux iD Lifestyle is available in standard index plastic, 1.53 index Phoenix and 1.67 index.

New Video Tech
Support on Santinelli International’s Web Site

Santinelli International has added technical support videos to the online support section of its web site, www.santinelli.com/online/support/. The videos were developed as an advanced response to many of the web site’s Frequently Asked Questions, which originated from client input.
Supplementing the site’s written FAQ responses, the videos enhance the viewer’s ability to troubleshoot or resolve technical issues by virtually taking them through a given process. The result is online, “24/7” assistance to reduce lens edger downtime.

“The videos are the next best thing to having a technician on-site,” says Steve Santinelli, the company’s technical communications manager. “In a pre-testing phase, we found that many of our clients greatly benefit from visually seeing the answer to an FAQ ‘in motion.’ Since written descriptions can be limiting, we’re taking advantage of today’s video technology to augment the support we provide.”