Edited by Andrew Karp

Essilor Junior Lens Sales to Provide for Needy Children
Essilor of America announced that sales of Essilor Junior lenses from June 1 to December 31, 2009 will help children in need. For every five pairs of Essilor Junior lenses sold, Essilor will donate one pair to the Essilor Vision Foundation for its work to improve the vision of children across the country.

“This important initiative will allow each pair of Essilor Junior lenses sold to impact the lives of children who could not otherwise afford vision correction,” notes Carl Bracy, vice president of marketing for Essilor of America. “Together with the Essilor Vision Foundation, we can help children see clearly and provide them with a better chance to succeed in the future.”

The Essilor Vision Foundation strives to eliminate obstacles such as financial difficulties and lack of understanding that prevent families from getting the necessary exams and glasses for their children.

According to Essilor, 80 percent of everything children learn in the first 12 years comes through their eyes, yet one in four American children has a vision problem. In some inner-city communities, that number climbs to as high as one in every two children, and of those children, almost none are wearing glasses today.

Shamir’s Updates RCPV
Rewards Program
Shamir has revamped its RCPV Rewards Program in which eyecare professionals can earn rewards points for each pair of qualified Shamir lenses they sell. With the new program, participants can exchange their rewards points for a broad range of prizes, as well as have the opportunity to cash in points for special monthly items, available in limited quantities.

“We’ve revamped the RCPV Rewards Program by shifting it to a points-based program. With the new program, participants can opt to redeem points for cash and prizes. We will offer an eclectic mix of prizes, from electronics to clothing to optical tools,” says Matt Lytle, Shamir’s vice president of marketing.

Shamir’s RCPV Rewards Program is open to all eligible ECPs who have enrolled and sell 15 pairs or more of any qualified Shamir progressive, within one calendar month. Rewards points are based on the specific Shamir product(s) sold.

ECPs interested in signing up for the program can visit www.RCPVRewards.com or contact their Shamir account executive at
(877) 514-8330.