Edited by Andrew Karp

Younger Offers New Wallchart, Tech Specs Binder

Younger Optics is making product reference easier and more convenient for its customers with the introduction of an updated wallchart and a new technical specification binder.

The updated wallchart reflects product lines that have grown considerably to include the new Image Wrap lens, NuPolar copper and Green-15, 1.67 high-index lenses, flat-top 28 Trilogy Transitions lenses, Transitions 1.60 high-index lenses and odd base curve ranges throughout several product lines. There’s even an entire new category of lens— Drivewear lenses Activated by Transitions. The wallchart, measuring 33.5 inches by 28 inches, is designed to be both functional and graphically appealing.

The new technical specifications binder contains loose-leaf pages that can be removed and replaced when new products become available, and is large enough to accommodate additional literature and product materials. Like the wallchart, it is designed to be visually appealing as well as an easy and convenient reference point for all of Younger’s products.

The wallchart and binder are available through Younger’s sales reps or by contacting the company’s marketing department at (800) 877-5367.

Visit Younger’s new web site, for information about the company and its products, including downloadable versions of all of Younger’s technical specifications.

New Transitions P-O-S Materials Promote Health Sight, PGA Tour Sponsorship

Transitions Optical is introducing new point-of-sale materials that reinforce the company’s health sight message and its official PGA Tour sponsorship. The new materials, including a series of posters, an educational brochure, a customizable postcard and downloadable interactive widget, fall under Transitions Optical’s broad-reaching consumer education program, “Improve Your Vision, Improve Your Game.” Each resource promotes Transitions Optical’s PGA Tour sponsorship and reinforces the importance of healthy sight, no matter what game you play. Many of the materials also explain the benefits of Transitions lenses.

“Whether you’re an avid golfer or an avid fan, healthy, quality sight plays an integral role in having a healthy, quality life,” says Connie Falvo, director, external affairs, Transitions. “The Improve Your Vision, Improve Your Game program and corresponding materials were designed help eyecare professionals and golf shops alike communicate these messages to all their customers, encouraging them to ask about the benefits that Transitions lenses can provide both on the golf course and in an everyday setting.”

Point-of-sale materials can be ordered through the “For Professionals” section of the Transitions web site or through Transitions Optical Customer Service by calling (800) 848-1506.

A “take one” brochure can be used in the dispensary or in a golf shop. Focusing on the value of vision, the brochure highlights the importance of enhancing the quality of vision today, while protecting eye health for tomorrow. Eyecare professionals can also visit the Transitions Online Marketing (TOM) tool at www.transitionstom.com to customize and print a branded postcard. Finally, an interactive widget is available for download at www.transitions.com/widget to provide patients with ongoing facts and information about healthy sight and the game of golf.

Hawkins Optical Turns 60, Adds AR In-House

Hawkins Optical Laboratory in Topeka, Kan., is celebrating its 60th year in business by embracing new technology. Kevin Bargman, president and co-owner of Hawkins Optical, said he and his father, chairman and co-owner, Bud Bargman have invested $600,000 in equipment and building materials so they could continue to offer their customers “the most recent technologically advanced lens products.”

Hawkins’ biggest investment has been in AR technology. “We purchased a Satis 380,” explains Kevin Bargman. “We knew that AR penetration was growing very fast and that outsourcing all of those products would be a disaster.”
Hawkins is currently using Essilor House AR EZ formula with the pad control layer for edging slippery lenses. “We have branded it as Pure HV,” notes Bargman.

Indications are that the AR investment is starting to pay off. “Since we began coating the lenses in-house, we’re already gaining more customers,” Bargman says.