To introduce its new Chromea7 lens technology to consumers, Transitions Optical launched a new national television advertising campaign on Jan. 7 to coincide with the availability of Transitions Signature VII lenses to consumers. The new commercial features the many “modes” of Transitions Signature lenses and highlights the new Chromea7 technology, which the company reports makes the lenses more responsive to ultraviolet light in more situations.

The ad will run on major network and cable channels during popular television programs throughout the year, including NBC’s “Today Show,” Food Network’s “Cooking for Real” and “Restaurant Impossible,” the Cooking Channel’s “Unique Sweets” and “Emeril’s Florida,” and during the daytime rotation on NatGeo and NatGeo WILD. During its first week it will air 167 times.

Building on Transitions’ successful “Life Well Lit” campaign, the new ad also features a dimmer switch that adjusts to the lighting conditions the wearer is experiencing. The spot shows that Transitions Signature lenses have increased responsiveness to changing light outdoors through a variety of different lighting conditions, making things look more vivid and vibrant during the many modes of life. A voiceover asks viewers, “Why settle for a lens with just one mode?”

“The Transitions Signature campaign is a focused effort to raise consumer awareness and create desire for the Transitions brand and our newest lens technology,” says Alexis Cardona, chief marketing officer, Transitions Optical. “While the ‘Modes’ commercial specifically calls out Transitions Signature lenses,

we will continue to emphasize the many choices our family of brands provides consumers.”

—Andrew Karp