Photos by Francesca Lanaro

Last year, MODO introduced its Buy a Frame – Help a Child See program, which works in underprivileged areas in India to help children with their vision needs. In partnership with the Seva Foundation, who helps to create programs that restore and preserve sight worldwide, Buy a Frame – Help a Child See is part of Modo’s continuing commitment to sustainability and giving back to the community. Under the first phase, the company has pledged to help 200,000 children, and with every Modo frame purchased, a child is given the opportunity to enhance their gift of sight.

Fast forward to now, and Modo continues to be deeply involved with philanthropic work. The empowered independent brand has released a new and informative hardcover book targeted toward the Buy a Frame – Help a Child See program. Featuring photography from Francesca Lanaro, the book documents Modo CEO Alessandro Lanaro’s trip to India, where he had the opportunity to see the program in action. Alessandro was able to meet with the individuals working on the project as well as the children receiving free vision screenings, optometrist exams and free prescription glasses, corrective treatments and surgeries. The new book also includes reasons why Modo decided to participate in the program, as well as how eyecare can reduce long-term poverty and many other positive effects it can have on children. There’s nothing more rewarding than combining philanthropy and eyewear into one noteworthy cause… and that’s exactly what Modo has seamlessly accomplished.

–Victoria Garcia