Bethany DeWolfe, ABOC

Scripts help simplify a sale because they contain critical elements that take you through each step of the conversation. When you combine product knowledge with these elements, it creates a smooth discussion with your customer, resulting in a satisfied client leaving your store with the correct product(s) and a desire to return for future needs. Throughout the conversation, you should:
  • Uncover and meet your patient’s needs and wants.
  • Recommend patient-specific product options based on your expertise.
  • Explain the advantages and limitations of those options.
  • Overcome any objections the patient may have.
  • lose the sale, gathering reassurance from your client that their needs have been met.
Learning your patient’s needs and wants and combining that with extensive product knowledge will create a meaningful sale discussion. Your patient’s visit will end with a happy customer leaving with the best products for their needs and budget, and planning to return to you and your practice for his or her future vision needs.

A successful sale isn’t always going to mean high prices, multiple pairs or lots of lens options—the most successful sale is one in which the patient feels happy when he or she leaves. Creating customer satisfaction means the patient will return over and over for his or her future eyewear needs. A loyal repeat customer means so much more than a one-time high paying one.