Santinelli International Optical Supplies (Sios)

FusionUV is a safe and effective way to disinfect frames, according to Sios. The unit uses germicidal short wavelength UV irradiation to kill viruses in two minutes. Light is emitted from two separate bulbs and is dispersed in an omnidirectional fashion due to the special chamber design. Industrial quality seals contain the UV-C light within the unit. An auto-shutoff switch terminates the cycle if the unit is accidentally opened, for the safety of the operator.

Features: The unit can hold upwards of 12 frames, and any frame or lens material can be safely placed within the UV unit without fear of damage, according to Sios. The unit can also be used for disinfecting items like masks, hand tools, pupilometers, keys and cell phones.

Glass-like rods allow the UVC light to transfer through to sanitize any item effectively and completely, unlike other units that have metal trays and shelves, which do not allow any touched surface to be sanitized and require multiple cycles to truly sanitize.

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US Ophthalmic

Studies have concluded that the coronavirus can live on surfaces up to nine days or more. One person’s sneeze can spread the virus onto a public floor where people then can carry it on their shoes back to their home or workplace. The Shoe Cover Dispenser from US Ophthalmic provides a solution to avoid such contamination.

Whether you want to wear a shoe cover when you go out to a public space, or you want to use them to isolate your shoes before you walk back into your house or workplace, this product makes it easy to do so. Stepping into the device automatically wraps your shoe with a cover that will keep them protected from infected surfaces. Dispose of the cover before entering your home or workplace.

Features: The product loads up several shoe cover bags at a time, allowing for repeated use. US Ophthalmic recommends placing it at the entrance of workspaces to give both employees and patients the option of keeping their shoes disinfected.

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Western Optical Supply

80 Percent Denatured Alcohol Sanitizer

Features: Western Optical Supply’s “Elbow Bump” hand sanitizer is manufactured in the USA in strict compliance with the World Health Organization’s requirements of 80 percent denatured alcohol combined with glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and purified water. “Elbow Bump” hand sanitizer was formulated following FDA guidelines with a qualitative testing analysis performed by Sandia National Laboratories.

Availability: Available in lots of two 32 ounce bottles at $27.95.

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