Transitions Optical

Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses are designed for patients who need extra protection in high-glare situations. The unique polarization technology reduces glare outdoors, providing sharper vision, a larger field of view and bright, vivid colors.

Features: Transitions will begin rolling out Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses in the U.S. and Canada in the first quarter of 2021. The product will expand the Transitions XTRActive product line with the additional benefit of polarization. Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses start clear indoors, darken in the car, and achieve extra darkness and polarize outdoors in the sun. Along with Transitions XTRActive lenses and Transitions XTRActive lenses style mirrors, Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses together represent the widest portfolio of extra dark lenses in the photochromic category.

Availability: Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses will be available in iconic gray with additional details on the timing of availability across materials and designs to be provided by the lens manufacturer partners of Transitions Optical. Availability in other markets will be announced at a later date. Eyecare professionals can learn more during “A Day of Education with Transitions Optical” on December 9, registration is available at


Eyenavision is introducing Chemistrie Color, a new lens for those who suffer from color blindness, also known as color vision deficiency (CVD).

Features: Chemistrie Color is unique in both its advanced technical design and its versatility as custom-made clip-ons, ready-made glasses and uncut lenses. The lenses are designed using an artificial intelligence (AI) model created particularly to model the vision of CVD patients. Chemistrie Color technology was developed by HUE.AI, a leader in optical lens development for CVD patients. Eyenavision is providing the patent-pending lenses to the optical industry under a long-term license with HUE.AI.

Availability: Chemistrie Color lenses are available in three formulations: an outdoor stronger lens for severe CVD, a moderate outdoor for less severe CVD, and a lightly tinted indoor lens. Each of these lens designs are available to eyecare professionals (ECPs) as three different products types: an ultrathin Chemistrie clip custom made to fit any frame, a ready-made pair of glasses, or as plano uncut lenses.

In conjunction with the initial launch of Chemistrie Color to its ECP network, Eyenavision will be rolling out the product to its network of labs that currently fabricate Chemistrie Clips.


Shamir Insight is expanding the Shamir Relax single vision lens family with the launch of two new versions. In addition to Relax 65, which itself is newly upgraded, Relax 50 and Relax 80 will provide a customized lens for any single vision wearer. Shamir Relax will also now be available to order in Superlite 1.74 materials.

Features: Shamir Relax gives just enough ADD power in the lower part of the lens and just enough to relieve eye strain, Shamir says. With the help of these two new additions, Shamir Relax can provide a customized lens for any single vision wearer. Shamir recommends Relax for anyone, with or without binocular vision issues, who experience eyestrain or end-of-day eye fatigue.

Shamir Relax provides relief and helps eyeglass wearers do exactly that—relax and enjoy greatly minimized eye dryness and fatigue, tearing, headaches and blurry vision at the end of long days in front of computer and digital device screens. By utilizing Shamir Relax, patient lens accommodations will be reduced by up to 30 percent, according to Shamir. This single vision lens provides patients a fatigue relief solution without distortion or swim, wrapped up in a Freeform design.

Vital Stats: RCPV points for Relax will be increased by 1.75x through March 2021. With Shamir’s RCPV program, customers can earn points for cash or prizes by dispensing Shamir premium PALs.

Availability: All of Shamir’s Freeform designs, including the latest Shamir Relax 50, Shamir Relax 65 and Shamir Relax 80, have been approved for VSP’s Techshield AB coating. According to VSP, the AB coating is certified by ISO and is the first AB coating technology for lenses. It offers solid “visual performance and cosmetic appearance, improved scratch and smudge resistance, greater cleanability, defense against blue light and UV with TechShield Blue Anti-Bacterial, and optional UV defense with TechShield Elite AB, TechShield Plus AB and TechShield AB.” The coatings are available on all Shamir lens designs unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.


MEI has updated its flagship 4Racer TBA with new state-of-the-art features for inspection and edging of prescription lenses.

Features: The new 4RacerTBA Swift features unparalleled automatic inspection abilities and fast self-controlled edging process, with the smallest physical and environmental footprint of the market.

With its new control unit and the new lens loading program, the 4RacerTBA Swift further improves the already unmatched productivity of the 4RacerTBA, being able now to edge up to 200 lenses/hour, processing eight lenses at the same time with extreme quality and precision. The machine performs all needed quality inspection tasks, analyzing 100 percent of the production, to guarantee the MEI Total Quality Control. Before edging, the built-in inspection instruments (including a multipoint Shack-Hartmann focometer) assure the automatic precise measurement of all optical parameter. After edging, with the 4QC Inspection System, it is possible to verify lens power, centering, axis, size and circumference, allowing to certify that every lens meets required specifications in terms of optical parameters and shaping processes.

The new features of the 4RacerTBA Swift include the Glide Meter, a slipperiness measurement before edging to optimize speed and precision, and the Silver Polishing, a new polishing process that guarantees higher quality and brilliance. A new Temperature Stabilizer improves the performance of the machine even in adverse environmental conditions; the machine has now new milling tools, with innovative materials and treatments to improve quality.


PSI has created a unique way to view their products at their virtual tradeshow booth.

Features: Walk the booth as you would at the show to see PSI’s products right on your computer or mobile device. On display is finishing equipment and supplies, surfacing supplies, recycling systems, slurry systems, chillers, wastewater treatment systems and Automatic Surface Tape Applicator (ASTA).

“PSI has been providing practical systems to the optical industry since 1971, and this virtual booth is just another practical resource for customers when we can’t see them in person,” says Karen Gillen, marketing manager.

Click the red and blue dots to see product information, videos and links to more information and online ordering.


Eschenbach’s Haus Call is a first-of-its kind “telelowvision” program that allows eyecare professionals to easily offer low vision care to their patients who are either unable or hesitant to visit them in-person due to health concerns, transportation issues or even bad weather. This unique service allows ECPs to conduct both a low vision exam and a follow-up device assessment appointment with patients without them having to ever leave their homes.

Features: Contact an Eschenbach territory manager to learn more and schedule an in-office demonstration of the Eschenbach Haus Call Telelowvision program.