EyeQue Insight

EyeQue is introducing the EyeQue Insight visual acuity screener, a gamified 20/20 screener that combines a binocular viewer, a mobile application and cloud-based service. Low-cost, rugged and convenient, EyeQue recommends Insight for families, school administrators, group organizations and charities. Insight is suited for international use with support for 20/20, 6/6 and other standardized units. The binocular viewer is part of an expandable platform, supporting future vision tests and applications.

  • Screens vision for 20/20 to 20/400 in under three minutes, providing exact measures of single and dual eye performance.
  • Creates a digital vision history—where a change indicates that a doctor’s visit would be advised.
  • Tests the accuracy of current glasses or contacts, indicating when an updated prescription may be required.
  • Instantly records and securely stores results, making data available to share with others.
  • One EyeQue Insight can be shared with many people, making it a value for families and suitable for testing large groups.
“The Insight visual acuity screener is a major technological advancement in personalized health monitoring, allowing people to assess their visual acuity in the comfort of their home,” says EyeQue Optometry advisor, Careen Caputo, OD, MPH. “The Insight’s random tumbling-E chart provides a simple and accurate measurement of an individual’s visual acuity. This is a valuable benefit to patients, allowing them to check how well they see without correction—or with their current glasses or contact lenses.”

John Serri, PhD, CTO and co-founder of EyeQue, notes, “There is a global myopia epidemic in part due to increasing time spent indoors and heavy use of mobile phones and laptops. The recommended annual doctor’s visit is insufficient in detecting the rapid onset of nearsightedness, which occurs in up to 40 percent of children, ages 6 to 18. When caught early enough, mitigation can be taken, avoiding lifelong burdens associated with severe myopia. Our goal is to get low-cost, accurate vision screening tools like the EyeQue Insight directly into people’s hands so vision changes can be identified early.”

Availability: The EyeQue Insight is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter and set to deliver in March 2018. The product will be available for hands-on demonstration at the International CES show in Las Vegas, Jan. 9 to 12, 2018.


Optical Sidekick
Developer: Whoa Co. LLC

Point of sale software is designed to assist opticians during the optical checkout process.

Features: The application organizes and presents the user’s sales preferences much like a cash register would present line items and associated prices. Additionally, the backend administrative settings allows for template customization for any insurance plan including VSP, Eyemed, discount plans and more. These templates take the learning curve out of insurance coverage by prompting employees to appropriately apply specific benefits only when applicable. The app’s robotic mascot, Ziggy, is equally as helpful. He can be customized to appear and present sales instructions and tips to novice employees for every step of the sales process, from frame selection to lens add-ons. Ziggy will record and tabulate the total retail cost and insurance adjusted costs. He even presents eight educational photos to patients highlighting the patient’s lens thicknesses, as well as explaining lens styles, materials and add-ons. When the sale is complete, users can print, e-mail and save the receipt to the cloud.

Availability: Optical Sidekick, a native iPad application designed by Whoa Co. LLC, is now available on the Apple app store. A licensed subscription is purchased via an in-app purchase and renews monthly. Initial one-month free trial is available. Monthly subscription costs $34.99 and is required to use the application. An additional subscription allowing for use on an unlimited number of devices is available via an in-app purchase for an additional recurring $9.99 monthly charge.


The Bionic Thumb
Hilco Vision

Hilco Vision is introducing The Bionic Thumb, a new tool invented by Bruce Rubin that is designed for bending temples, eyewires and endpieces.

Features: The ergonomic design of The Bionic Thumb alleviates hand stress while simplifying various types of frame adjustments. It provides precise control for temple, pantoscopic, mastoid and bridge adjustments, and offers protection from hot frame components when using a frame warmer and screwdriver slips when used as a mobile portable bench block.
  • Made from 1/8-inch thick by 5/8-inch wide stainless steel with durable suede bending surfaces.
  • Comfortable ergonomic design.
  • Light, durable stainless steel construction.
  • Natural suede bending surfaces prevent frame marring (replacement suede available).
  • Hassle-free one-year warranty.
  • Bionic Thumb one-piece (part #20/450/0000)
  • Price: $29.99USD/$36.99 CAD
  • Bionic Thumb two-pack (part #20/450/1000)
  • Price: $56.99 USD/$69.99 CAD
(800) 955-6544

Novar Freeform Lens Design Software
Coburn Technologies/Opulens S.A.

Coburn Technologies/Opulens S.A., a leader in the development and production of ophthalmic lenses, Coburn now offers the Novar Freeform Designer on an exclusive basis in the U.S. and Canada, as well as a non-exclusive basis in the rest of the world.

Features: Novar Freeform Designer has been in development for over seven years and has already been successfully utilized on tens of thousands of lenses. The software can be implemented on a broad variety of laboratory management systems and surfacing platforms, including Coburn’s Cobalt System, as well as that of other major equipment manufacturers. Advantages of the Novar Freeform Designer include:
  • Continuum Design Technology, a novel and proprietary approach developed by Opulens, which allows the modeling of continuous optical surfaces without resorting to interpolation and with an infinite amount of control points for wider visual fields, higher levels of comfortability and a greater degree of personalized ophthalmic lenses tailored to each user’s requirements.
  • A broad variety of multipurpose progressive designs including First, Precisa, Precisa Short, Evolution, Evolution Short, Office and Geo, as well as several specialty progressives including Indoor, Outdoor, Drive and Relax; even occupational designs, such as Office, depending on the customer’s preference.
  • Several blended bifocals, such as Kriptok and Ultrex, which utilizes Opulens proprietary technology and even includes a single vision aspheric and a single vision aspheric atoric, Geo.
  • Unlike any other product offered in the market, this product is available on a click fee basis, a monthly flat fee basis, an unlimited flat fee basis and any combination thereof.

Availability: Coburn Technologies offers a 30-day trial for anyone interested in testing the product on a risk-free basis.


VisionFit SC
US Ophthalmic

VisionFit SC is a wearable portable system that performs subjective refraction examination with extreme accuracy. It’s made of adaptive lenses that execute a perfect sight exam by effectively combining both trial glasses and digital phoropter methodologies. Wearing the VisionFit SC as a traditional trial frame, the subject looks at the eye chart or any other near or far target in any environment, either sitting or standing, thus allowing subjective refraction to be performed with the subject in his or her usual working environment and posture. It uses the same standards of speed, fluidity and symmetry of digital phoropters admitting increased peripheral vision for perfect examinations with diopters increments down to 0.05D.

Features: VisionFit SC empowers doctors as they can sit comfortably anywhere in the room and easily achieve a comprehensive examination using a tablet. It enables the completion of much more exams per day while eliminating repetitive stress injuries and therefore the need to provide worker’s compensation to staff.

(888) 881-1122


Tech start-up Speqs is introducing SpeqsOn, a real-time virtual eyeglass try-on system. The mobile system is driven by Image Metrics, a facial mapping and tracking algorithm set that allows for highly accurate images from any camera source. It can adjust to a wide array of conditions, including low light, as well as race, gender, age or facial hair differences. The Image Metrics technology has been tested in the cosmetic industry via the “Makeup Genius” app developed for L’Oreal.

Features: “VTO within the optical industry specifically is moving quickly now, with almost all of the large players working to grapple with the obvious power of highly realistic, simple-to-use ‘Snapchat like’ technology, and how it enters the market. People can now experience a great fit, near photorealistic rendering and unlimited frames to try on. Image Metrics is very pleased to have partnered with the fearless visionaries at Speqs as they take optical dispensing to the next generation—utilizing multiple new technical platforms to offer a smooth, unprecedented customer journey,” says Ron Ryder, CEO, Image Metrics.
  • SpeqsOn utilizes a high-performance mobile Augmented Reality (AR) platform for real-time 3D facial-based applications on mobile devices. The mobile platform increases consumer engagement and provides rich analytics.
  • The system is virtually instant. Users can begin trying on glasses in only 7.4 seconds, significantly faster than some competitors’ try-on systems. Click here to see a video demonstration.
  • The technology offers a fun user experience, allowing for flipping through eyewear quickly, with suggested looks and an instant thumbs up and down. Users can view all aspects of the glasses.
  • The system can be adapted to new technology such as depth cameras, which will facilitate accurate frame measurement and upcoming Augmented Reality (AR) hardware devices.