Santinelli International

Santinelli International introduces its newest blocking technology, the ICE-1 Intelligent Blocker. The ICE-1 is an easy-to-use intelligent blocker providing consistent accuracy and stability in blocking.

Features: Developed with an emphasis on simplicity, operators from beginners to advanced users will appreciate and experience a remarkably easy-to-use one-touch operation. In combination with Santinelli’s broad line of lens edgers, it offers a smooth, highly efficient workflow for making eyewear. The simple design allows the operator to confirm shape and lens data images simultaneously. A large 8.4 inch color LCD touch screen shows lens shape and layout information in real scale with high visibility contrast. The ICE-1 boasts multifunctionality by incorporating Shape Editor, Partial Groove & Beveling, as well as Design Cut and Facet editing, allowing advanced custom lens shape creations.

The ICE-1 incorporates an Integrated Shape Imager (ISI) capable of digitizing demo lenses for ease of maintaining a rimless database. It also comes preloaded with the most popular rimless shape data.
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Essilor is launching its latest Varilux Comfort lens design, Varilux Comfort Max. This newest premium progressive lens from Essilor stretches the useful vision zone to bring all-day vision comfort and postural flexibility to progressive wearers.

Powered by new Flex Optim technology, Varilux Comfort Max lenses are a tailor-made solution which stretches a wearer’s useful vision zone by up to 46 percent, granting the wearer the postural flexibility to see a given focal point from many angles.

Features: The Varilux Comfort Max lens design is rooted in the patented LiveOptics process which provides in-depth knowledge of wearers’ visual needs and behaviors, defining multiple vision profiles based on each wearer’s addition and ametropia. Essilor’s proprietary Flex Optim technology then adjusts the power progression curve to each prescription, achieving optimal equilibrium across vision zones for each individual wearer. The end result is postural flexibility delivered by a lens rated 8 of 10 for all around performance across vision zones by existing PAL wearers. Varilux Comfort Max lenses are built on the core principles of the Varilux Comfort design: easy to fit, easy adaptation and no additional measurements required. More than 100 million pairs of Varilux Comfort lenses have been prescribed worldwide, according to Essilor.

Availability: Varilux Comfort Max is available through independent eyecare professionals. It is preferred by 9 out of 10 wearers of bifocals, readers and single vision lenses, according to Essilor. Additional information is available from Essilor account executives.

Zeiss Vision Care US

Zeiss Vision Care US is launching Zeiss UVClean technology, an optometry-specific UV-C disinfecting device designed especially for eyecare professionals and developed in conjunction with Voxelight, LLC. Zeiss UVClean is now available for pre-ordering on a first-come, first-served basis to eyecare professionals in the U.S. and Canada. Pre-order shipments are planned for November 2020.

As the eyecare industry emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, eyecare professionals must adhere to strict hygiene protocols which places pressure on their ability to serve the same number of patients that they used to see before the outbreak. The Zeiss UVClean is a simple, fast and compact device that thoroughly disinfects six to 10 pairs of eyeglasses of all sizes and shapes in as little as 40 seconds. At the push of a button, the device leaves the eyewear disinfected and ready for the next patient.

• Uses four germicidal UVC bulbs to completely bathe each pair in powerful UV light
• 40-second cycle
• No liquids
• No harsh chemicals
• No smells
• No disposable waste
• Small footprint
• Quiet operation
• One-touch start
• Safe and gentle on frames and lenses
• Zeiss-branded technology
• The “green option”
• Made in the USA
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ABB Optical Group/VisibleBliss

ABB Optical Group is exclusively launching the VisibleBliss personal protective equipment (PPE) solution to the eyecare industry, in conjunction with VisibleBliss LLC.

Features: Designed by an eyecare professional for use in eyecare practices, the new VisibleBliss phoropter mask is a solution for many eyecare practices. Each single use recyclable mask attaches directly to the phoropter to help protect doctors and their patients. The patent-pending product is designed to trap contaminants and prevent fogging of the phoropter lenses during refraction.

In a recent survey, 3 out of every 4 ECPs who tested the VisibleBliss phoropter mask agreed that it provided an added level of protection against contaminants and provided peace of mind for both staff and patients during eye exams. More than 85 percent found the process of setting up, attaching and changing out the masks to be easy, and over two thirds of pilot users found the phoropter masks to be effective in preventing or reducing fogging of phoropter lenses as typically caused by patients wearing PPE (e.g., face or cloth masks).

Availability: ABB customers can order the VisibleBliss phoropter mask through their ABB account. Currently, the product is only available to order in the United States and is designed to be compatible with manual phoropters, but additional designs are planned for automatic models early in 2021.


Schneider is entering the market for contact lens and IOL manufacturing technology with the launch of the UPC 100 and UPC nano. These two new solutions for single-point diamond turning cover the full range of technical needs.

Features: The fully featured UPC 100 Vision is designed for highest quality needs such as manufacturing most sophisticated polish-free IOLs, mold inserts or highly complex individualized contact lenses. The compact UPC nano with on-board Fast Tool capabilities produces high quality contact lenses at unprecedented performance and maximum cost-efficiency with minimum investment. Schneider creates faster and more efficient solutions specifically designed for freeform manufacturing, merging highest surface accuracy and quality with best productivity. The highly modular UPC machines feature a very rigid machine base, innovative drive technology, full encapsulation, latest Fast Tool technology, super-fast scan head laser (optional for UPC nano) and much more. Prepared for automation, the machines pave the way toward nonstop automated processing without operator intervention.

Schneider has created a landing page on its website with information about two new machines designed to process contact lenses and IOLs, the UPC 100 and UPC nano. The site also features a video with additional details.

Hilco Vision

Hilco Vision’s new Tempmaster Jet & Jet+ feature a high quality aluminum body that is light, quiet and efficient. The units do not get hot due to internal air flow pattern. The vertical orientation of the units saves bench space and allows easy access for adjustments.

Features: The included heat concentrator allows spot heating of specific frame areas, especially the bridge and temples. The Jet+ has the additional features of an electronic heating regulation, a cold air option and includes a heat concentrator extension. Availability: Both models are available in black or white.
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