VSP Optics

VSP Optics is unveiling a new type of high performance, light-reactive technology with the launch of SunSync Elite lenses. Utilizing advanced proprietary technology produced in California, SunSync Elite changes from dark to clear in seconds.

Features: B“SunSync Elite sets a new benchmark standard in photochromic performance, solving one of the most common reasons many patients shy away from choosing light-reactive lenses,” says Randy Dannewitz, senior vice president of strategic development for VSP Optics. “For years, we have been focused on developing truly next-generation products. We’re excited to transform this lens category and offer a more effective solution for doctors and their patients.”

In addition to featuring groundbreaking fade-back speed, SunSync Elite retains the core benefits of original SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses including exceptional outdoor darkness and indoor clarity, 100 percent UV protection, targeted blue light filtration, outstanding durability and an exclusive one-year 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for VSP members.

Availability: SunSync Elite is available to order on Oct. 10.

Dynamic Labs

Dynamic Labs’ ProGrip II is an all-in- one edging solution that combines an anti-slip disc and a blocking pad.

Features: ProGrip II incorporates the award-winning DynaGrip anti-slip disc pad with a blocking pad, making this the most secure and easiest way to edge expensive super hydrophobic AR-coated lenses, according to Dynamic Labs. Combining the two pads not only helps prevent slipping but also reduces twisting. The one-step pad safely and easily releases from all lens coatings and materials. Availability: ProGrip II is available in most common shapes.
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eyeOs, producer of eyeOs Premium Readers, launches BlueBuster blue light filtering lenses. BlueBuster lenses improve visual acuity and comfort when working in front of a computer screen or other digital devices, according to eyeOs.

Features: Based on comparative analysis of indoor competitive blue filter transmission curves, BlueBuster lenses provide the highest level of blue light filtration in a clear lens, even when compared to blue filters with “champagne” tints, says eyeOs. BlueBuster is not part of the AR coating, the blue filter properties are incorporated in the lens monomer.

“The eyeOs BlueBuster lens is a breakthrough product; filtering 100 percent up to 410 nm, 86 percent at 420 nm and 40 percent at 430 nm,” says Sam Kotob, founder and designer of eyeOs. “Although our lenses filter as much or more than other available blue filtering lenses, our message is focused on maximizing our customer’s comfort and clarity while reading and working on their digital devices.”

Availability: BlueBuster lenses are the new standard at no additional charge in eyeOs’ OfficePal and PcPal progressive readers, since these lens designs are typically used to work on a computer or digital device. BlueBuster is also available as an option in all eyeOs readers with powers ranging from plano to +4.00 diopters in 0.25 diopter increments for an additional MSRP $15.
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Santinelli International

Sios (Santinelli International Optical Supplies), the company’s new optical supplies and accessories division, will launch its first expansive collection of products through a colorful catalog offering everyday items to fully stock any office or laboratory. The Sios lineup includes innovative, simple and unique products, including tools and equipment to frame parts, finishing supplies and more.

“Sios represents a fresh, forward-thinking approach to optical supplies,” says Gerard Santinelli, president and CEO of Santinelli International. “We’ve assembled a carefully crafted array of products that will fully serve the needs of any optical lab or retail dispensary. Many of these items you’ll never find elsewhere, and all are designed to solve your day-to-day problems.”

Features: The centerpiece of the Sios lineup is the Lab Modular System, an innovative organization system for storing tools and repair components. The system is available a la carte on a “build-your-own” product basis or in a series of kits—The Starter Kit, The Professional Kit or The Craftsman Kit. The system is uniquely engineered with innovative color-coded tools, parts and storage trays to help opticians quickly find the right tool and supplies based on frame type (standard, rimless, spring-hinged or specialty). “The Lab Modular System keeps everything organized, and the color-coding lets you effortlessly identify the right tools and parts for the task at hand,” explains Santinelli. “Everything about this system is designed to help you work more efficiently, seamlessly and simpler—and it looks great while doing it. We call it, ‘Simplify Optical.’” The Sios portfolio also offers a complete range of supplies for any optical shop and lab. The Sios portfolio encompasses essential finishing equipment and ancillary instruments, a wide range of lab and exam supplies and frame parts, and an array of stylish accessories and cases.

To make the introductory process educational for their customers, Santinelli and its Italian partner, CentroStyle, will be debuting an industry-first “talking catalog” that instructs while it informs. Powered by QR code scanning technology and YouTube’s platform, each Sios hand tool in the catalog is linked to an online video that demonstrates its use. “It makes the catalog as functional as a continual reference resource, as it is ensuring you’re ordering the right tool you’re shopping for,” says Santinelli.
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Arch Crown

Arch Crown now offers custom and pre-printed op-tags and static cling vinyl warning labels for eyewear containing chemicals which require notification under California Proposition 65 compliance regulations. The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has established a website to provide the public and businesses with information on Proposition 65 warnings. For more information on Proposition 65, visit Custom printed Op-Tags and labels can be designed to meet specific needs. Free samples are available from Arch Crown.

Features: Pre-printed Style 217 “WARNING” labels are black on clear static cling vinyl. Static cling vinyl labels can be reapplied many times without losing static cling or scratching the lenses. Pre-printed Style 830 non-slip Op-Tags are black on white plastic and stay in place keeping your displays neat and professional. Op-Tags are excellent carriers for bar code and other computer labels. Both styles are available in three “WARNING” versions: Cancer, Reproductive Harm and both Cancer & Reproductive Harm.
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Essilor Instruments

Essilor Instruments is expanding its extensive line of lens finishing equipment with the addition of the Mr. Blue Sun & Sport edger.

Features: Mr. Blue Sun & Sport allows eyecare professionals to expand their offerings to produce Chemistrie clips as custom-made sunwear and achieve half jacket frame coverage for endurance and extreme sports. The innovative processes are in addition to all the high-end benefits that the current Mr. Blue 2.0 offers.

“Essilor Instruments has celebrated over 50 years of best-in-class R&D and manufacturing in lens finishing equipment. With Mr. Blue Sun & Sport, eyecare professionals have the opportunity to generate additional revenues by targeting eyewear needs for outdoor activities,” says Samy Lauriette, senior vice president, Essilor Instruments Americas.