Retina-AI has developed and released the first Artificial Intelligence mobile app for eyecare providers. The app—Fluid Intelligence by Retina-AI—detects macula edema and sub-retinal fluid on O.C.T retinal scans with greater than 90 percent accuracy, according to its developers.

Features: Both macula edema and sub-retinal fluid are key disease features that may indicate the presence of any number of retinal diseases including: diabetic macula edema, exudative macular degeneration, cystoid macula edema after cataract surgery, retinal vein occlusion macula edema, central serous chorioretinopathy, uveitic macula edema and macula-off retinal detachments. Fluid Intelligence by Retina-AI can be used as a screening tool for any one of these diseases.

Fluid Intelligence by Retina-AI will help eyecare professionals by guiding specialized retina care at the click of a button. For instance, if an optometrist has a patient in clinic who has macula degeneration and is unsure if it is actively wet or not, the optometrist can take a picture of the O.C.T. retinal scan and receive an assessment as to whether that patient urgently needs an eye injection. To provide this clinical assessment, Fluid Intelligence by Retina-AI uses expertly-designed machine learning AI algorithms running in the cloud.

Availability: Fluid Intelligence by Retina-AI is available for download on the App Store. The Android version is coming soon.


WOS (Western Optical Supply)

The DigiOmeter3 provides digital accuracy when measuring interpupillary distance (PD) and pupillary height readings. Measurement options include PD and right/left monocular distance plus digitally accurate pupillary height readings for multifocal Rx.

Features: This instrument measures the distance between the pupils and from the eyewire to the pupil, by focusing the spot of light reflecting off of the patient’s retina. Using a highly accurate linear sensor, the reflection is bisected vertically or horizontally to take the reading. This pupilometer features an easily visible wide-angle LCD numeric readout. Its easy, user-friendly functions eliminate operator error and increases measuring accuracy.
  • Data range: binocular PD 46 to 82 mm, monocular PD 23 to 41 mm
  • Distance range: 300-infinity
  • Indication, rounding and asymmetric error: <.5 mm
  • Power Source: DC3V (two AA batteries)
  • Automatic off: after two minutes on standby
  • Size: 232 mm length x 163 mm width x 71 mm height
  • Weight: 28 ounces

NuSight Medical

The NuLids System is a novel, safe and effective doctor prescribed home-use medical device that efficiently treats dry eye.

Features: By gently stimulating, de-capping and rejuvenating the Meibomian glands to a healthier state, NuLids improves dry eye clinical signs and symptoms.

NuLids can be complementary with in-office procedures performed by eye doctors. Patients like the NuLids System because it is safe, effective and easy to use without any known side effects. They also appreciate that it is cost effective and may reduce the need for expensive OTC lubricants and/or co-payments for pharmaceuticals.

NuLids takes 60 seconds per day to use, and patients quickly adapt to the simple routine. The NuLids I and NuLids II clinical studies found that 95 percent of patients surveyed after the 30-day trial reported being either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the overall treatment.

833.3NULIDS; 833-368-5437

Topcon, M&S

The complete integration of the M&S Smart System software in the CV-5000S improves office workflow by providing the ability to digitally document 100 percent of the eye exam and have a one-touch wheelchair chart distance setting. The M&S Smart System software is imbedded in the CV-5000S and can be used with the Topcon PC-50S Visual Acuity Chart or connected to current M&S Smart System 20/20 users to provide a complete digital refraction experience without the need for a remote.

Features: Complete integration of M&S software and Topcon CV-5000S. M&S software and charts are fully embedded in the Topcon CV-5000S eliminating the need for the use of the remote for any test. One hundred percent of data is documented by the CV-5000S and can be exported to an EMR. The one-touch “wheelchair” distance icon instantly changes all charts from your standard chart distance to the specified wheelchair distance setting. Peer-reviewed and science-based testing. All charts are calibrated to the ANSI and ISO specifications for vision testing and recognized by the FDA as an acceptable instrument for use in clinical trials.

Availability: Complete M&S 20/20 software and charts are available as well as individual chart packages for pediatric, refractive and clinical trial testing.



An e-book that teaches ECPs how to communicate effectively about their specialties or areas of expertise.

Features: An optometrist’s specialties or a practice’s area of expertise are the ways that OD practices can differentiate themselves. A new e-book from EyeCarePro explains how effectively communicating a vision care expertise can help optometry practices rise to the top. It also illustrates how its ODSpecialty service (eyecarepro.net/odspecialty) works and offers a step-by-step guide to developing and utilizing an expertise as the lead messaging for an OD practice.

Availability: The new e-book, available for free download at eyecarepro.net shares ideas for selecting an expertise for your practice and avoiding the usual pitfalls that can prevent a practitioner from moving forward with a communication plan about it.


Bausch + Lomb

Bausch + Lomb is introducing Ocuvite Blue Light eye vitamins, a nutritional supplement formulated with lutein and zeaxanthin, the two carotenoid pigments naturally found in the eye. This formulation of eye nutrients includes high levels of lutein and helps protect eyes from the blue light that reaches the macula, which is responsible for our central vision.

Features: Ocuvite Blue Light eye vitamins contain 25 milligrams of lutein and five milligrams of zeaxanthin isomers, the key eye nutrients that help absorb blue light before it reaches the macula.

Availability: Ocuvite Blue Light eye vitamins will be available for purchase in the vitamin and eyecare aisles at major retailers in the third quarter of 2018.