SunSync Plus

Manufacturer: VSP Optics Group

Description: Fast-acting, high performance photochromic lens.

Features: A fast-acting, high performance photochromic lens, SunSync Plus changes from dark to clear three times faster than the current industry leader, according to VSP. The lenses have luminous transmittance of 88.5 percent with an AR coating applied, on par with the clearest photochromic lenses available; luminous transmittance is 11 percent when fully activated, making them sunglass dark.

SunSync Plus lenses darken quickly to a “true gray” color when activated by sunlight and have no residual color. In a deactivated state, their color is similar to clear lenses in the same material. Consistent performance, regardless of thickness or power, results from a unique formulation of photochromic molecules applied in a thin layer near the front surface of the lenses.

SunSync Plus lenses block 100 percent of UV radiation, selectively filter blue light, and resist scratches and smudging. They are backed by a one-year, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for VSP Members and are available exclusively with Unity Via progressive lenses.

Availability: Gray in 1.50 plastic, 1.59 polycarbonate and 1.67 high index.

Maze Master


Description: A computer game that helps users gain better control over movement of one or both of their eyes. Maze Master works in conjunction with the RightEye Reading Test, launched earlier this year, to improve the oculomotor skills deficits that may be impairing a person’s reading.

Features: Maze Master helps users train their eyes and improve oculomotor function by requiring their gaze to stay within maze-like lines. To play, users move one or both of their eyes through a maze, “popping” numbers encountered within the maze upon seeing them with their eyes. As the game progresses, the mazes grow narrower, while the numbers grow more plentiful, making the tasks more challenging. As users progress through the various levels, the movements they create with their eyes build more stable and accurate motions, including those that mimic the movements necessary for reading. When combined with the RightEye Reading Test, Maze Master can help improve reading skills for students of all ages and reading levels.

Availability: RightEye Maze Master is available for purchase through the company’s cloud-based platform, which is available to customers with the purchase of a RightEye Complete 3D Eye-Tracking System.
(301) 979-7970

Custom Case Labels

Manufacturer: Arch Crown

Description: Custom printed labels for eyeglass cases.

Features: Arch Crown is offering custom printed labels for eyeglass cases. The labels carry the message, “If Found, Please Return To” followed by the name of the practice. The laminated labels provide a scuff resistant surface for a richer appearance and protect the foil printing.

Availability: Free samples and a 40-page catalog are available from Arch Crown.
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(800) 526-8353