Maui Jim

Maui Jim is introducing the Maui Sunrise lens in prescription. The Maui Sunrise is the latest Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2 fashion lens offering and features a pink mirror coating.

Features: The Maui Sunrise lenses are created using the company’s Maui Rose PolarizedPlus2 color-enhancing lens. A pink mirror coating is then applied to create a new look. The lenses provide high contrast AR coating to eliminate stray light and are produced with Maui Jim’s patented PolarizedPlus2 MauiBrilliant lenses.

Availability: Available in most Maui Jim frames through MyMaui, a complimentary service that allows customers to customize many Maui Jim styles at no extra charge or add a reader for a small fee.

(888) MAUI JIM (628-4546); (800) 848-3644 in Hawaii


Chimborazo, a Bethesda, Md.-based startup, is introducing PropEyes, a device designed for progressive lens wearers who work at a computer.

Features: The reading zone in progressive lenses is at the bottom of the lens. This results in users having to tilt their necks back awkwardly to properly view a computer monitor. PropEyes is a simple, small, lightweight, convenient and inexpensive eyeglass accessory designed to elevate the reading zone in a progressive, bringing the monitor into focus while working at a computer and reducing neck and back strain. The device is designed to fit any type of eyeglass frame and any shape of bridge.

Availability: PropEyes comes in hypo-allergenic plastic, bronze, stainless steel and sterling silver. The figurine versions come in bronze, brass and sterling silver.


Serengeti has expanded its prescription program with the development of Vario Drive Thin Design, a technology that ensures that the brand’s prescription lenses perform at the same level as their nonprescription counterparts. The technology provides consistent performance in Serengeti prescription lenses for 99 percent of wearers, according to a brand spokesperson.

Features: The brand’s proprietary Polar PhD 2.0 NXT sun lenses deliver a blend of optical performance, light weight and shatter resistance for balanced performance to suit the needs of people with active lifestyles. All Polar PhD lenses, Rx or non-Rx, feature a combination of three advanced technologies that work together to provide the right tint for every environment, brilliant contrast and protection from fatigue-inducing effects of glare:
  • Photochromic technology— allows the lens to darken or lighten depending on the UV light intensity.
  • Polarizing technology—suppresses glare by letting parallel light rays enter while reflecting distracting perpendicular rays.
  • Spectral control—filters up to 95 percent of shortwave blue light and sharpens color contrast, much like an audio equalizer filters sounds frequency.
The advanced technology of the lenses is enhanced by a process that uses software engineered to make extremely precise calculations to create customized lenses, optimized for comfort and light weight. Every prescription is reassessed to compensate for optical distortions related to the specific curvature of the frame. When the prescription reaches the limits of the conventional digital surfacing method, Serengeti’s patented algorithm calculates the best lens geometry for the optical area and the transition zone, while also reducing the edge thickness. Every set of Vario Drive Thin Design lenses is customized to the prescription, frame and wearer’s facial metrics, and is precisely surfaced using the latest digital lens surfacing technology. For additional comfort, Serengeti prescription lenses also feature an anti-reflective coating on the backside of the lens that cancels the scattering light causing reflective glare.

Availability: Serengeti Vario Drive Thin Design technology is available on most Serengeti frames, including the latest designs, such as the sleek and sporty Alessio shown in striped gray and stylish Andrea shown in honey tortoise.

The CLX System

CLX System, a comprehensive contact lens management and marketing solution, recently released a customizable contact lens subscription service available to the system’s premium users.

Features: “CLX Subscription enables ECPs to defend their patient relationships and capture more annual supply revenue by providing their patients with convenient and flexible reordering options,” says Jim Edwards, CLX president and CEO. “This subscription service gives ECPs the ability to offer patients a way to automatically replenish their contact lenses and capture the full year of purchases in a more convenient payment program for the patient. CLX automatically bills patients and facilitates the shipment of the contact lenses straight to the patient’s door at scheduled intervals by the practice’s distributor of choice. Distinctly different than other subscription services, with CLX all patient communications are customized with the ECP’s logo and brand, and all revenue from contact sales are directly deposited to the ECP’s bank account.

“CLX was designed to help ECPs increase contact lens profits while reducing overhead,” Edwards notes. “We’re excited to add CLX Subscription as another turnkey feature on the CLX suite of services, specifically designed to help ECPs grow their contact lens business.”

CLX is a cloud-based system that helps ECPs compete and succeed in the contact lens business. The company has a comprehensive suite of services, including easy ordering, competitive price comparison, automated key metric reporting, patient reorder reminders and now subscriptions.

Transitions Optical

Patients can try Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses in a variety of virtual styles and settings by using their phones. Use the new custom Transitions Snapchat Lens to connect with them through an interactive demo that’s as fun as it is informative.

Features: Download and install Snapchat. Then launch the app. In the app, focus your camera on the Snapcode. Press and hold the Snapcode image on your phone screen to scan it. When prompted, click “Unlock for 1 hour.” The lens will load automatically and switch into “selfie” mode. Tap on the screen to try the custom Transitions Snapchat Lens in different environments. Tap the “capture” button to save your favorite look. Then tap “Save” to add it to your photo library for sharing on social media, text or email.

Availability: Pre-order Transitions’ free custom Snapchat kit to get started, featuring the new Transitions branding. From detailed instructions to point-of-sale displays, Transitions makes it easy to share its custom Snapcode with your patients. Kits started shipping in June and supplies are limited.


FlashCard from ThinOptics are small, slender pince nez-style reading glasses that can slip easily into a wallet, purse or pocket.

  • Four lens strengths: +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50
  • Full-sized shatterproof optical-grade polycarbonate lenses.
  • Reading glass colors: jet black, crystal clear, azure blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, espresso brown.
  • Brushed metal finish.
  • Flexible titanium alloy bridge made from Nitinol (10 times more elastic than spring steel).
  • Independent-suspension nosepads ensure a universally comfortable and stable fit.
  • Lightweight, stylish polycarbonate frames.
  • Stable, comfortable nosepads.
  • Premium metal case, with soft brushed finish.

Availability: Retail price $29.88