Satisloh introduces the fourth generation of their automated soft tool polishers: Multi-FLEX-2 and Multi-FLEX-2E. These new machines expand on the polishing technology the company first developed in 2015 and produce more than 300,000 lenses every day. Both models feature a completely new handling system that combined with redesigned components, produce even better polish quality.

Features: The Multi-FLEX-2 is designed for high volume Rx lens manufacturing lines with varied production needs, according to Satisloh. It provides full automation with three independently-controlled polishing chambers, each with two spindles and an optional tool wear monitoring system. The design makes processing up to three lenses simultaneously with different specifications, material, geometry or surface requirements possible. Using Satisloh’s Top Speed process, it can polish up to 100 lenses per hour.

  • A new polishing process, “Evolution,” gives superior polish tool performance and is ideal for lenses that will be hard-coated and knife-edge lenses.
  • Redesigned tool-reception interface enables easier maintenance.
  • Hydra-Boost, an integrated cleaning station, cleans both lenses and block-pieces while using 40 percent less water per lens than its predecessor.
  • Automatic software-controlled polishing chamber cleaning. Cleans the complete chamber and the integrated bellows, which extends machine parts lifetime. Can be easily scheduled when convenient and without interrupting production time.
  • Static polishing nozzles do not get misaligned during tool changes, maintaining optimum polish-slurry direction and flow.
  • Increased accessibility for adjustments, inspection and maintenance through new state-of-the-art design.
  • Multi-FLEX-2 comes with MES-360 Lite software pre-installed so labs can track machine utilization, production throughput and top five errors with daily reports using pre-established KPI.

Euclid Systems Corp.

Euclid Max, the latest advance in overnight orthokeratology from Euclid Systems Corp., combines outstanding material characteristics with proven Euclid designs, according to the company, which has decades of experience developing proprietary Ortho-K algorithms and over two million lenses on eyes.

Features: Used in children and adult patients with progressive myopia (nearsightedness), but especially children, Ortho-K contact lenses gently reshape the cornea to manage myopia while the patient sleeps. This technology is especially important today with almost five billion people expected to have myopia by 2050, which would make it the leading cause of blindness worldwide. If left untreated, myopia significantly increases the risk of more serious ocular conditions including glaucoma, cataracts and retinal disease.

Following U.S. FDA approval, Euclid gave early access to Euclid Max to a limited group of optometrists spread across the country over the last few months to get real-world clinical experience on patients’ eyes. In a survey of this early access group who had experience fitting the lens, 100 percent of the respondents replied they would consider recommending Euclid Max to their next patient.
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Hilco Vision

OptiPlus anti-fog wipes can clean frames and lenses, and at the same time apply a temporary anti-fog coating to the lenses. The OptiPlus Sampling Program consists of a launch kit containing a compact floor display with samples that can be readily used and discarded.

Features: Patients enter the practice and see the signage offering a free sample wipe for their glasses. The tower is quick to set up and features four graphic messages to promote the program encouraging your patient to clean and apply anti-fog to their eyewear. The dispenser holds 400 sample wipes and has a trash receptacle to keep sampling tidy. The display accommodates a variety of retail configurations for OptiPlus anti-fog wipes completing the sale. Convenient reorder packs of either 30 count, 60 count or 100 count boxes come with additional sample wipes at no extra charge.

Ear Technology Corp.

Ear Technology Corp. is introducing a disinfecting system for vision care professionals who want to keep their products properly sanitized: AllClean UV-C. Eschenbach Optik of America has been selected as the distribution partner for low-vision professionals, and OptiSource International has been chosen as the distribution partner for all other vision care professionals.

Features: The AllClean UV-C kills 99.8 percent of bacteria and viruses, including MS2 Bacteriophage, Staphylococcus aureus and Human Coronavirus 229E. The tabletop disinfecting system utilizes high-intensity light in a reflective cabinet to kill viruses and bacteria. The UV-C intensity and exposure time of three minutes allows the unit to sanitize the products inside so that they are safe to use again after being handled. The reflective cabinet can be used to disinfect eyeglasses as well as magnifiers, telescopes, readers, prism eyewear and filters. It features two removable shelves so that larger products can fit inside and the sanitizing space can be maximized. For eye protection, the cabinet also has a door detection switch which triggers the lamp cycle to end if the door is opened.

  • Quick three-minute cycle allows eyeglass frames and magnification devices to be sanitized more quickly and conveniently than having staff wipe them down and dry them.
  • A high-intensity UV-C lamp reduces 99.8 percent of bacteria and viruses without damaging electronics.
  • Digital timer countdown with automatic shut-off.
  • Safety door detection switch triggers the UV-C cycle to end if the door is opened.
  • Indicator light: blue = sanitization; white = standby.
  • One-touch power button.


OptiLight, with Lumenis’ patented OPT technology, is designed for a consistent, precise and controlled light-based treatment of signs of dry eye disease.


  • The first and only IPL that is FDA approved for dry eye management. Patented Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) for targeted precise controlled treatment.
  • Patented OPT hand-piece for maximum reach and dedicated setting to fit the delicate contours.
  • Patented Opti-Tip optimizes energy for the delicate areas, ensuring a safe, hygienic and effective treatment.
  • Every element is design driven to allow a precise and comfortable dry eye procedure.

Availability: The product is available through local Lumenis sales reps.

2021 Op-Tag & Label Catalog
Arch Crown

The new 40 page catalog features over 100 styles of stock, pre-printed and custom printed Op-Tags and labels including a full line of bar code technology products. Custom thermal transfer tags crisply reproduce logos, pricing and description, with or without bar code to meet individual customer specifications.

Features: Poly-Lam thermal transfer computer string and barbell style tags are stronger than polyester and Kimdura, and provide superior print quality. Text and bar code images will not rub off. TT364 with adhesive-free loops are available in eight colors. TT340 and TT369 matte finish tags are ideal for handwriting or for computer printing.

Arch Crown’s bar code packages include everything needed to print and scan bar code tags using your own computer. DataTagger and BarTender label design software for Windows offer benefits of thermal transfer printing to businesses that currently do not have bar code printing capability.

New pre-printed “SANITIZED” Op-Tags (Style 830SN) and static cling vinyl labels (Styles P289SN and 151SN) for eyewear identification informs customers that frames have been sanitized and are safe to try on. Create goodwill with customers and patients by adding “If Found, Please Return To” labels on every eyeglass case that leaves your store.

Pre-printed and custom promotional Op-Tags and labels are designed to bring special attention to merchandise. “Promotional tags and labels are a cost-effective method of stimulating sales... it’s the professional way to price and promote eyewear, frames and accessories,” Arch Crown advises.

Availability: Free tech support is available from authorized factory trained technicians. For free samples and catalog.
(800) 526-8353