After 18 months of fundraising with private practice optometrists, Nashville-based start-up, Eyeris is releasing Eyeris Daily, its daily disposable contact lens.The lens is “extremely comfortable, breathable and soft on the eye. When purchased with annual vision insurance benefits, it is also the most affordable yearly supply of a daily lens,” according to Eyeris.

Features: The Eyeris Daily features an 8.5 base curve and a 14.3 diameter. This custom profile makes the lens un-substitutable online, Eyeris says, while noting that the lenses are available only through optometrists, who can benefit from a high profit margin when prescribing them. A custom engineered mixture of emollients, hydration agents and a cushioning agent gives patients a “wow factor” when initially inserted, Eyeris says. The softness of the Hioxifilcon lens material and its hydration characteristics carry patients to the end of the day with comfort.

Eyeris Daily is only available through Eyeris’ network of “top optometrists.” Along with the lens, Eyeris offers trial lens packaging made from their own recycled contact lens molds. “The Eyeris trial lens box doubles as a functional travel case and is made from the recycled molds of all of our lenses, which is an industry first,” says Jeff Sonsino, OD, FAAO, and co-founder of Eyeris. The colorful eye-shaped case can be used repeatedly to store lenses when traveling. The case also utilizes RFID technology in the lens parameter label for state-of-the-art inventory management. This technology helps Eyeris during distribution and fulfillment, but also ensures that optometrist offices do not have to worry about counting inventory for their displays. Each night the display self-counts and re-orders what the office needs. The trial lens packaging was developed by Eyeris CEO and co-founder, Andy Barrow.


Compulink Healthcare Solutions

Compulink Healthcare Solutions, creator of Advantage Smart Practice, the EHR and practice management system powered by artificial intelligence (AI), unveiled new features of its Advantage 12.2 at the SECO meeting in Atlanta.

Among the enhancements in 12.2 is the Advantage Smart Orders feature, which allows providers to document diagnosis, assessment, order details and plan with a single click and from a single screen. The company also introduced its Efficiency Guarantee, which guarantees providers will be able to see a minimum of one more patient per day after only 90 days of using its Advantage solution.

“The enhancements we’ve made in 12.2 take patient workflow efficiency to a whole new level,” notes Link Wilson, CEO and product architect for Compulink. “Features like our Smart Orders, Advantage Smart Workflow and MyEyeStore are designed to speed up the patient encounter, streamline your business and improve the patient experience.”

Features: Compulink’s Optometry Advantage all-in-one solution includes an optometry-specific EHR, practice management, optical POS and inventory management, patient engagement and a comprehensive e-commerce solution (for ordering contact lenses). The company also provides an expert revenue cycle management service for its clients. Compulink is used by more than 20,000 providers in over 4,700 locations, 60 ASCs, and 19 universities and colleges.


Zeiss Meditec

Zeiss has launched Zeiss MED Support Now, a new website that provides easy access to continuing education programs and material, along with information about its virtual symposia, interactive technology sessions and clinical insights from peers. The website will be updated regularly with new information.

Features: Visitors to the site will also find guidelines for how to properly disinfect and clean Zeiss devices, and how clinicians can order protective breath shields for slit lamps through the Zeiss donation program.


Eyecarrot Innovations Corp.

Eyecarrot Innovations Corp., announces the availability of Premium eLearning Optometry Education Courses, which feature expert-led ePublications and training resources, from the office and now from home to support continued professional development in spite of the COVID-19 social restrictions. This new avenue for educational content extends the flexibility of learning and improves the user experience of Binovi Academy as a whole. Access affordable advanced online courses such as the Sanet Vision Seminar Series by industry leaders Dr. Robert Sanet and Dr. Leonard Press.

Features: The Sanet Vision Seminar Series encompasses over 100 hours of HD Video, recorded over five weekends of presentations by Dr. Robert Sanet, in an interactive eBook format alongside commentary and supplementary content from Eyecarrot’s director of global education, Dr. Leonard Press. Covered in this expansive repository of information are Dr. Sanet and Dr. Press’ take on Models of Vision and Foundational Concepts and Principles of Vision Therapy, Generalized Visual Skills and Approaches to Therapy, Visual Information Processing, Amblyopia and Strabismus, and treatment of Acquired Brain Injuries.

“Dr. Sanet and I have collaborated on a unique learning experience designed to broaden, expand and elevate your understanding of vision, and the application of principles enabling you to enhance optometric vision evaluation and therapy. Consider this module as a master class that is an extension of the widely acclaimed PAVE-Sanet Seminar Series presented over the course of five weekends in San Diego, Calif.,” says Dr. Press.

Eyecarrot’s Binovi Academy has more educational content in development. In addition to the eBook, its educational modules include extra material in the form of demonstration video content, interactive learning experiences and added downloadable content for Binovi Pro and Binovi Coach, ultimately leading to a better understanding of the theory at hand by optometrists, their teams and their patients.


Eschenbach Optik of America

Eschenbach Optik of America is introducing the VarioLED+ Lamp Magnifier, featuring a large 132 mm (5.2 in.) aspherical lens, adjustable LED illumination and easy-to-use push button operation.

Features: The VarioLED+ Lamp Magnifier is available in two powers: 1.9x and 2.5x. It is ideal for patients who need hands-free magnification with a lens that can easily be moved around to where it is needed such as when reading, doing needlepoint or doing hobby work.

Uniform brightness is provided by a ring of 84 high-performance LEDs on the magnifier head that can be adjusted by dimming level or by segment. There are three grey buttons on the top of the lamp head that control the different functions. The power button turns the ring of LEDs on and off, the dimming button adjusts the amount of illumination by level (40 percent, 60 percent and 100 percent), and the segment button turns part of the LED ring off to provide a customized lighting zone.

The rotating lamp head has six adjustable joints and the 31.5 in (800 mm) lamp neck has two joints to ensure that the magnifier can be positioned for optimum clarity. The included table clamp allows the VarioLED+ to easily mount to any table 18 to 74 mm in thickness or there is an optional cast iron table base available separately.

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