Purple Go

Purple Go, a San Francisco technology company that develops mobile apps and retail software systems, is launching an iPad-based optical retail platform, Purple Go for Optical Retailers. Purple Go also announced its partner integration with cloud-based EHR provider, RevolutionEHR. While appointment and customer data can be synced with any EHR for quick setup, RevolutionEHR users will enjoy the benefits of instant appointment syncing between the two platforms.

Features: The new software offering combines patient engagement features with practice management and customer relationship management capabilities to provide a premium tightly coordinated shopping experience in-store and online. The result is higher sales with lower overhead costs through automation and coordination of key tasks, according to Purple Go.

As a patient engagement platform, the system drives appointments efficiently through automated annual exam reminder
e-mails that link directly to an online booking form. By smoothly connecting the process online, patients find it more convenient to book, staff spend less time on the phone, and the success of campaigns is easily tracked.

Customer data is synced to an iPad app that staff use with customers in-store to provide an enhanced eyewear shopping experience. Opticians can quickly view customer shopping history and access an exhaustive frames database with high resolution pictures. Lens options and insurance pricing are calculated automatically in a straightforward chart that makes costs and savings easier for customers to understand. Product information can be e-mailed instantly from within the app, along with an easy “purchase later” link so indecisive customers can finish payment later online.

Availability: Purple Go works for optical retailers of any size or number of locations, and stores are offered a free 60-day trial period with no setup fees. Product demos can be requested online at purplego.co/optical.

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(415) 518-783

Vision Ease

Vision Ease expands its lightweight, high-performance Coppertone Polarized Lenses line with new offerings in PPG Trivex material.
The material’s extreme durability and chemical resistance paired with Coppertone’s advanced sun protection create a lens that’s optimized for active consumers.

Features: PPG Trivex material is the first new lens material to be offered in the Coppertone
Polarized Lenses line since its
polycarbonate introduction in
2007. Like Coppertone polycarbonate lenses, CoppertoneTrivex lenses include advancedtechnology that blocks 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays, and filters solar blue light. The lenses also eliminate more than 97 percent of blinding glare and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV Filter for the eyes and surrounding skin.

Availability: Coppertone Trivex lenses are immediately available in gray and brown SFSV. They can be used with all sunglass and frame styles, from wrap to rimless and beyond.

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Rudy Project

Rudy Project’s comprehensive sport prescription program uses optical adapters, direct clips and Rx inserts that make it possible for eyecare providers to craft a custom sport Rx solution for customers who are looking for the versatility of sport eyewear without compromising on vision and function.

Rudy Project’s Prescription Sport Dispensing Kit includes Rudy Project’s best-selling sport sunglass frames, together with compatible optical docks and optical inserts that can be edged in office to meet the needs of athlete patients and weekend warriors alike.

Features: Most of the sunglasses included in the Prescription Sport Dispensing Kit can also accommodate direct interchangeable prescription sport lenses in any of Rudy Project’s proprietary materials, such as the revolutionary photochromic ImpactRX lenses and Polar 3FX polarized lenses available through the Rudy Project Authentic Sun Rx program. The kit includes Rudy Project’s best-selling Rydon frame, along with the Agon, Fotonyk, Tralyx and newly introduced Vulcan sport utility frame. For a limited time, ECPs and retailers new to Rudy Project can open an account with just the purchase of the new dispensing kit. The Prescription Sport Dispensing Kit is also available to existing Rudy Project accounts.

Availability: Rudy Project’s proprietary Optical Docks for the Fotonyk and Rydon can accommodate a power range of -4.75 to +3.25 for single vision while maintaining the wrap of sport eyewear. Behind the lens optical inserts, available for the Tralyx, Sintryx, Fotonyk, Rydon and Agon, can handle prescriptions from -7.00 to +4.00 for single vision Rx and -5.00 to +3.00 for progressive. For direct-in-frame, customers can get prescription photochromic or polarized lenses for single vision prescriptions ranging from -4.00 to +2.50, depending on the frame of choice. Using the kit, eyecare providers can either fulfill the order using their in-house lab, or by placing the order using Rudy Project’s Authentic Sun Rx program for fulfillment in less than seven business days.


VSP Optics

Extra-active, light-reactive lens that gets darker and stays dark in the car. Unlike standard photochromic lenses, SunSync Drive XT is activated by both UV and visible light, allowing the lenses to remain dark in a car, regardless of whether the windows block UV light or not.

Features: In lab testing, SunSync Drive XT outperformed the leading extra-active photochromic in three categories: darker activated color, superior clarity and faster fade-back speed. This addition to the product portfolio retains all the benefits of SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses, including ultra-fast activation, 100 percent UV protection, targeted blue light filtration, outstanding durability and SunSync’s exclusive one-year 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for VSP members.

Availability: Unity Progressives, Unity Single Vision and Ethos Progressives in gray or brown.



Prizm Low Light, the evolution of the standard clear lens, is the newest addition to Oakley’s lineup of Prizm lenses built to enhance color, contrast and detail to improve performance. A high-transmission lens engineered with Prizm properties, Prizm Low Light accentuates reds and greens in low light environments, like early mornings, twilight and canopy cover and in artificial stadium lighting, so athletes can better see the challenge ahead.

Features: Maximizes vision in low light conditions and artificial light environments. Brings out fine detail in the athlete’s visual field. Keeps colors more true, so performance is not compromised.