HLM-1 Lensmeter by Huvitz

Distributor: Coburn Technologies
Manufacturer: Huvitz Co.

Description: This new lensmeter featuring Wavefront Analysis Technology provides fast and accurate measurements on a cost-effective platform.

  • Hartmann Sensor Wavefront Analysis Technology with more measurement points than previous generations.
  • Expanded prism measurement range up to 20Δ measuring from all directions of BU, BD, BI, BO.
  • Wide range for measuring small or large (blank) lenses from diameters of 15 mm to 120 mm.
  • Easily measures darkly-tinted or mirrored sunglasses by automatically amplifying the amount of light and calculating its refractive power without any manual configurations.
  • Meets or exceeds the Medical Equipment Certificate, Class B standard.
  • Slim and compact design makes it perfect for small spaces.
  • Auto lens recognition including single vision and progressive lenses.
  • Improved progressive (multifocal) lens measurement makes measuring fast and easy by simply moving the target and following the guides on the screen.
  • Bright and user-friendly user interface makes following each step stress free.
  • 5.7-inch color and high resolution LCD screen features an anti-glare and hard coating, and produces sharp images and a scratch-resistant screen.
  • Enhanced camera performance provides faster responses when measuring refractive power and improved lens detection.
  • High speed (processing speed per frame: 65ms) with more frames per second (15FPS).
  • Newly designed nose cone and lens support allow the user to measure smaller frame styles with ease.
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Unity Via Progressive Lenses

Manufacturer: VSP Optics Group

Description: A new progressive lens designed for wearer comfort and ease of fitting.

Features: Developed with input from doctors and progressive lens wearers, Unity Via’s intelligent technology brings a new approach to fitting and delivers precise vision correction with exceptional ergonomic comfort, according to VSP. Rather than forcing the eye to adjust to the lens, Unity Via is designed to follow the natural path of the eye for a comfortable fit. In wearer trials, Unity Via outperformed the progressive lens market leader two to one, VSP says. It also ranked superior in areas of lifestyle performance, close vision and ease of finding the right focus.

Availability: The Via portfolio includes five options in VSP’s F, N and O categories, including designs for frames with high wrap and for patients who use mobile devices for more than four hours per day.


FastGrind Conversion Photochromic FT28 Lens

Manufacturer: Super Optical International

Description: Conversion photochromic technology allows lenses to quickly change from light to dark and back, while blocking harmful UV rays.

Features: Conversion offers a fast and seamless shift between tinted and clear allowing Conversion to compete with the market leading photochromics. Conversion’s photochromic properties are “in-mass,” which means that its quality performance will stay truer longer. The special monomer used will not yellow over time, unlike the lenses that use coatings. Additionally, the use of a monomer solution retains the shift-speed longer than coatings that start to decrease their shift-rate as soon as after six months of use.

Their new line of Conversion photochromic lenses also come with a 1.56 VisionAir material, enabling eyecare professionals to offer patients clarity with thinner, lighter lenses at a competitive price.

Availability: The Conversion brand is proprietary to FastGrind, an “all-in-one” modified lens surfacing system intended for small to large independent practices. The Conversion line includes ADDvantage HD Plus digital progressives, single vision and finished single vision lenses.

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