Chromance Lenses

Manufacturer: Ray-Ban

Description: To support the launch of its Chromance color-enhancing lenses, Ray-Ban has created a dedicated microsite showcasing the lenses’ unique effects and a travel guide for color seekers including photos of some of the world’s most colorful and eye-catching places along with breathtaking imagery.

Features: Ray-Ban Chromance lenses offer high chromatic contrast and superior quality, allowing higher definition and enhanced color. They combine lightness, flexibility and high-impact strength with UV protection, enhanced color recognition and improved tracking in peripheral zones. Chromance lenses also heighten contrasts, colors and contours, filter harmful UV rays and eliminate reflections and glare, resulting in 100 percent enhanced perception for clear, comfortable vision, according to Ray-Ban. Special hydrophobic and colored gradient mirror lens coatings improve the lenses’ high-performance characteristics.
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Eyefinity’s Updated EHR

Supplier: Eyefinity

Description: New updates to Eyefinity EHR have streamlined workflow to decrease clicks/taps, making it one of their EHRs with the fewest clicks.

Features: Eyefinity EHR offers time-saving features and convenience in recent releases. Exam protocols allow an optometrist to quickly complete an exam in less than five minutes by tailoring exams to a doctor’s preferred plans and procedures. In one click, a doctor can see all of his or her patient’s refraction history on a single page and import into any screen where there’s a prescription. For a quick overview of patient info, one tap of the patient’s name will bring up patient details, such as insurance, the primary care physician and the preferred pharmacy.

Combined with built-in adaptive learning technology that enables Eyefinity EHR to learn and adapt to the way each doctor in an office practices, from plans, diagnoses and prescriptions, a doctor’s most commonly used options quickly populate, eliminating the need to scroll to find what’s needed. These new features significantly reduce clicks/taps.
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Wiley X’s Rx Ordering Program

Description: Wiley X Eyewear and Automeyes Optical Solutions have developed a new program which is designed to bring Wiley X’s specialized products directly to the wearer. “We are able to combine great function and stylish safety-rated eyewear into Automeyes’ simple eyewear fitting tool,” says Kurt Gardner, president and founder of Automeyes Optical Solutions. “Both companies can leverage their specialties to bring better visual experience to outdoor enthusiasts seeking the right Rx eyewear.”

Features: The program kicked off in December with a rollout in select Harley Davidson dealerships, with a nationwide rollout to follow. Select stores will have the option for customers to order their Rx—single vision, bifocal or progressive—directly at the dealer, allowing them to reach an otherwise untapped market.

“Being able to bring the technology directly to the wearer at the point of purchase is amazing for Rx-wearing motorcyclists,” notes Michael Bumerts, Rx director at Wiley X Eyewear.
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Pro Edge 3 Finish Blocking Pads

Manufacturer: Dynamic Labs

Description: This new pad is made of a proprietary green foam substrate. The unique firm material significantly reduces twisting in high torque edging situations and allows the pad just enough “give” to eliminate lens slippage, according to Dynamic Labs.

Features: Pro Edge 3 pads work well on coated and uncoated lenses, and deblocks easily and cleanly, Dynamic Labs says. During testing, the pads excelled on high plus and high minus lenses, as well as on bifocals, which can be difficult to edge. “High volume labs and single-doctor practices will both enjoy the benefits from this blocking pad,” notes Joe Alber, director of sales and product development.

Availability: Pro Edge 3 pads are available in rolls of 1,000.
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Acuvue Digital Guide for ECPs

Manufacturer: Acuvue

Description: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is launching an all-new Digital Guide by Acuvue Brand Contact Lenses, a resource to help eyecare professionals develop or optimize a digital marketing strategy to encourage new patient visits, stay engaged with current patients and keep them informed of new contact lens options.

Features: The actionable and interactive guide includes topics such as targeting, websites, social media and more, with tips for reaching patients where they are online, simple updates to optimize a practice website and effective ways for leveraging social media to reach different patient groups. Every chapter in the Digital Guide begins with an exercise to introduce a key concept to help give a better perspective of what a typical patient may encounter. After the concept is studied in detail, each chapter concludes with a worksheet that helps the professional to map out a digital strategy and next steps to begin reaching more patients. Professionals are able to spend more or less time on sections of the guide, based on their practice’s patient demographics, what is working in the current digital strategy, and the areas of their strategy that may need to be augmented.

Availability: The Digital Guide can be downloaded for free on the Acuvue website, in the Practice Resources section. The guide is also available, alongside a number of digital assets for marketing a professional practice and the vision correction options they offer at
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EyePromise’s New Website

Manufacturer: EyePromise

Description: EyePromise has launched a new website focused on improving the user experience, helping consumers reach their solutions quickly and easily.

Features: The site offers a streamlined purchasing experience, robust account management features and a new design that helps visitors access EyePromise’s resources. Although the processes have been simplified, the features have been expanded greatly. Consumers can manage their payments, passwords, Convenience Ship orders and delivery information just as they would on their favorite shopping sites. The products are segmented into categories to make searches easier, and the new look helps create organization and efficiency.

EyePromise offers an extensive line of ocular nutraceuticals that cover a full range of patient needs, including macular health, occasional dry eye, blood vessel integrity and athletic visual performance.
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