L’Amy America adds a 14-style sunglass collection to its Columbia eyewear line.
Designed for the outdoor-minded consumer looking for function at a valueconscious
price point, all of the sunglasses feature Eliminator polarized lenstechnology, which blocks 100 percent of reflected glare and 100 percent of UV rays up to 400nm. Made of triacetate specifically formulated to enhance contrast and sharpness, the lenses feature zero moisture absorption to avoid lens shrinkage; an extremely stable non-polymer movement with chemical additives so when glazed into a sunglass frame the lenses remain secure and stable; and super-tough, diamond-quality, scratch-resistant surface treatment.

PHILOSOPHY: “The new Columbia sunglass collection is remarkable in that it’s an all-polarized power brand offered at an opening price point,” says Connie Reiss, L’Amy brand manager for Columbia eyewear.

Merchandising materials include cubes, frame highlighters, display trays, easel cards and 11” by 14” graphic holder and 3” by 5” card holders, both with sun-specific imagery. Each style comes with a hard case.

PRICE POINT: $ to $$. For additional information, contact L’Amy America at (800) USA-LAMY; web site: www.lamygroup.com

According to COLTS standard abrasion testing (ANSI approved), Columbia Eliminator Polarized lenses have superior scratch resistance compared with most CR-39 and triacetate competitors.