La LOOP expands its collection of eyeglass accessories, which began when founder and designer Elizabeth Faraut envisioned high-end jewelry with a purpose. She designed La LOOP, a necklace created specifically to hold eyewear. The concept behind the design is a hinge that uses 360-degree swivel technology to ensure glasses stay securely in place. These loops sit at the bottom of necklace designs made with a variety of high-end materials, including leather, sterling silver, 14-karat gold, coral, turquoise and gemstones. The designs are updated seasonally, reflecting current fashion trends. New this season is Le Collier, a patent-pending product, which combines a reader with the necklace. Le Collier uses materials such as black horn and tortoise shell strung together in interlocking loops. Two of the loops on the side of the necklace contain magnification lenses. Also new is a collection of accessories that have a rocker chic inspiration and organic free form. This new collection features gunmetal and many options for mens.

PHILOSOPHY: “Staying organized is a challenge. But staying fashionable as you stay organized is even tougher. That’s where La LOOP comes in,” says Elizabeth Faraut. “The debut of this chic, and most importantly, convenient accessory, helped establish functional jewelry as a player in the luxury marketplace.”

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a showcase that can hold up to 75 necklaces, stand display and mannequin. Each necklace comes with a signature fabric pouch.

$$$$$. For additional information, contact La LOOP, (877) 505-1500; web site:

After the success of La LOOP, Faraut began thinking of new ways to fashionably organize hectic lifestyles. One of the results is the La Leash category, which consists of accessories that hold cell phones, passports, keys, cameras and credit cards.