Photo © Alec Byrne

Fitting that a classic capture of Keith Richards here by Alec Byrne comes our way just as The Rolling Stones gear up for yet another tour in an unparalleled career as the greatest rock band in the world. Keith’s ginormous shades were his faves from this particular period where he ruled the roost with his daring choice of shades from the women’s side of style. This particular frame went on to homage fame on the face of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain but it’s Keith that gets our 20/20 accolade. Does anyone else note what looks to be a glare from glasses on Keith’s… er… trousers?

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–James J. Spina

As we set up a scenario of going back a decade for the ongoing Parting Glance retro-gander at 20/20, isn’t it just nifty and nice that our cover from 10 years ago features the “Keith Richards of Eyewear” and resident SunSpec Rogue Larry Sands?! This dude’s heart is STILL on fire for specs and all things Rock ’n’ Role.