Kaenon, a Newport Beach, Calif.-based lifestyle ophthalmic and sunglass brand, introduces a new lens option, SR-91 in its simplest form, without the polarizing element. This lens, available in seven of Kaenon’s bestselling styles, Bola, Burnet, Georgia, Kanvas, Rhino, Hard Kore and Soft Kore, offers a premium visual experience in a non-polarized sunglass lens with all of the light weight, clarity and impact resistance found in Kaenon’s proprietary, polarized SR-91 lens material. This material is standard in all Kaenon frames. Every frame in the company’s sunglass collection can be fitted with prescription polarized SR-91 lenses.

Photographed by Black Box Studios

“Kaenon was launched 10 years ago from a passion to produce the best sunglass. Our SR-91polarized lens technology sparked a quiet revolution and offered consumers a truly non-compromising polarized lens featuring the clarity of glass along with the lightweight and impact-resistant benefits of polycarbonate,” says Darren Rosenberg, COO and co-founder of Kaenon. “A couple years later we introduced Rx SR-91 polarized lenses, and a couple of years after that Kaenon launched the first polarized free-form corrective lenses in eight-base. Today we introduce our next optical evolution: SR-91 in its simplest form with no polarizing element. With this newest SR-91 option, Kaenon offers a very attractive price point while not compromising on the premium quality our consumers and athletes have come to expect from us.”


Countercards, updated consumer brochures and consumer catalogs are available to support the new lens.


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For additional information, contact Kaenon, (866) KAENON1; website: kaenon.com

Since 2001 Kaenon has continued its mission to provide unmatched optics and performance-ready, lifestyle frames, all with superior fit and luxurious style. With proprietary SR-91 lenses, Kaenon continues to push the boundaries of active optics with award-winning,  prescription-ready sunglass styles and lifestyle-inspired optical frames designed in California and made in Italy.