Photographed by Mark Babushkin

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Optical's surging fade resurgence takes over the 20/20 Kids' Eyewear cover via a superb pair of specs from a company with a stellar children's eyewear presence.

MENIZZI 3023K from Menizzi Eyewear


Nothing says Bright-Eyed like a perfectly round shape. THAT's crystal clear to every mother's son.

HUVELI MILANO 3026 from Teka Eyewear

Red Rec Room

The shapely/sharply square look is playful and easy on kids. It smiles. See for yourself right here.

MAXIME from Lafont

From top: CRAYOLA 108 from Colors in Optics; PAUL FRANK Interstellar from Baumvision; JUICY COUTURE 909 from Sàfilo USA

TV Time

Yet another generation grows up seeing the world with a cast of characters from the now legendary Nickelodeon.

NICKELODEON Victorious Imagination from Nouveau Eyewear

From top: GEEK Rad 09 Jr. from LBI; K12 KA4080 from Avalon Eyewear; VERA BRADLEY GIRLFRIENDS Ginger from The McGee Group; SIGHT FOR STUDENTS 5005 from Altair Eyewear

Two Tone Music

There's a new king when it comes to combining colors, and he hails from… Europa.

DB4K Double Play from Europa International

Join the Club

The originators of the original Clubmaster deliver this elongated version in a new opti-option organization… The Club KID.

RAY-BAN 1032 from Luxottica

Courting Kids

Lacoste delivers a power serve of resounding proportions with its new children's eyewear collection. Truly a Grand Slam.

LACOSTE KIDS 3609 from Marchon Eyewear

Prep School

The classic P3 shape (especially in fun colors like pink and purple) is the new BFF for young girls.

OIO OT08 from Tura

From top: PEACE EYEWEAR Rhythm from i-dealoptics; IZOD Boys 611 from ClearVision Optical; ESPRIT 17409 from Charmant Group

From left: LILY PULITZER Minta from Kenmark Group; ECO KIDS 505 from Modo Eyewear; NEW BALANCE Kids 54 from Eyewear Designs; TC CHARTON ASIAN FIT Bruce from Prologue Vision; SUPERFLEX 118 from Classique Eyewear & WestGroupe

Multiple Choice

Some frames have it all: the hot clubman styling, the powerful elongating shaping... and... the deft blend of metal and zyl. Guess that covers it.

GUESS 9105 from Viva International Group

Golden Years... Golden Yours

Max on the crystal zyl and then sandwich an inner layer of magical richness with encased gold tones.

KOOL KIDS 2546 from Alpha Viana

From left: LAURA ASHLEY GIRLS Bashful from Signature Eyewear; COLUMBIA Acadia from L'Amy America; TURBOFLEX EC307 from Aspex Group; CONVERSE K005 from Rem Eyewear; ADIDAS a006 from Silhouette; JALAPENOS Legend from A&A Optical

Oh Gee Whiz... She's SO Grown-Up

There's no kidding with these Havana/crystal specs. GenEYE basically meets little GenMY.

OGI KIDS 302 from Ogi Eyewear

From top: FLOAT KP234 from Match Eyewear; VIVID KIDS 134 from Vivid Eyewear