The Smithsonian magazine timed a full-scale print redesign last month to coordinate with a special section devoted to “Style and Design” features. A main story of that presentation was Walter Isaacson’s “Keep It Simple” exploring the creative genius and genesis of Apple’s Steve Jobs. The issue’s cover delivered that simplicity via a photograph of Jobs’ eyewear of choice, a three-piece rimless frame from Lunor. Jobs’ vision was indeed Job One and he envisioned perfectly via his eyewear. Nice.    
—James J. Spina

The logic for Luxury Eyewear was once especially reserved for the December issue in 20/20; the thought being that eyewear could be gifted. Perhaps it SHOULD be gifted. Next year look for Luxury returning to December’s 20/20. Featured here? Lafont’s Karima and Kieselstein-Cord’s Elizabeth from OSA.