20/20: How did the idea of the McAllister brand come to be?
Jillian Marro: Inspired by and named after one of the founders of American optometry, John McAllister, who 225 years ago, dared to see beyond limits. John McAllister’s passion for optometry, mastery of fit and focus on individualized detailing made his shop in Philadelphia a destination and his discipline a legacy. We felt there was space in the Altair portfolio for a trendy brand that would stand out, offering modern original eyewear at an accessible, affordable price—and McAllister was the perfect fit.

Why do you believe it’s important for Altair to release a new proprietary brand?
McAllister is a brand with a rich history and is designed for the modern world and culture where positivity, self-expression, inclusivity, authenticity and breaking rules are the norm, not the exceptions. By introducing McAllister as a proprietary brand within the Altair portfolio, we are excited to offer effortless, trendy eyewear styles shaped for the visionaries of today. It also gave us the opportunity to strategically realign our three Altair proprietary brands, McAllister, Lenton & Rusby and Genesis to offer an inclusive variety of eyewear that will fit all practice and patient needs.

How do you think the eyewear market will react to a brand like McAllister?
We are confident that the McAllister collection will be well received. The entire McAllister collection is designed as gender inclusive styling and made with high-quality mixed materials that embrace individual expression. Eyecare practitioners will be able to offer their consumers an elevated eyewear experience with bold colors, modern silhouettes and unique detailing at an accessible price point.

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