Building on his experience and award-winningcollaboration with ic! Berlin, Jeremy Tarian launches his first sunglass collection under his own name. Handmade in France, the collection consists of six acetate styles, ranging from classic to cutting edge. The sunglasses are equipped with flexible hinges and polarized sun lenses in brown or gray. Frame colors include such combinations as beige and black, black and clear, black and gray, brown and black, dark brown and light brown, red and black, and white and blue. Inspired by “missed connections,” this line is Tarian’s nod to fleeting glances and the promise of chance meetings. “Like chance meetings, each sunglass is sure to warrant a second glance,” Tarian says.

Photographed by Matt Lambros/Black Box Studios

“Sunglasses are very important because they literally frame our expression. A successful pair of sunglasses can naturally bring out striking and more elegant facial features. And the eyes, especially, can say so much about a person,” says Jeremy Tarian. “Glasses also dictate the way we see the world and the way the world sees us. So they must tell something about who we are. No other design work has this kind of impact on individuality.”
Merchandising materials include a catalog and postcards with whimsical graphics. Displays will be available in March. Each frame comes with a black case.

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Jeremy Tarian was born in Paris. In 2008, he designed his first eyewear collection: JereMy Collection #1 for ic! Berlin. That same year his Urban eyewear style for ic! Berlin won a Silmo d’Or award. Tarian is the son of eyewear designer Alain Mikli.