Jee Vice Optic Couture, known for its high-end sunglass line launched in 2003, releases a chic sister collection of Rx styles that echo the same philosophies found in the sunwear: exceptional fit, quality and innovation. Hand designed exclusively for women, the ophthalmic line consists of 13 frames presented in three collections: Desire features titanium styles, each embellished with three Swarovski crystals. Colors include gold, silver, blue, black, eggplant and silver. The Hollywood collection takes its inspiration from the original Jee Vice sunglasses. Frames are made of acetate, stainless steel or a combination of both. Vintage Revisited pairs the elegance and glamour of the 1950s with modern colors and materials. Frames are made from Italian acetate reinforced with titanium.


PHILOSOPHY: “It was always our intention to release an Rx line to broaden our presence in the optical market,” says Jee Vice’s CFO, Tim Stacey. “With the current celebrity-driven success of our sunglasses, we feel this is the right time to grow the brand into other areas of the market.”

Merchandising materials include displays, posters, countercards and logo plaques. Each frame comes with a hard snakeskin case and stylish eyeglass chain.

PRICE POINT: $$$ to $$$$$. For additional information, contact Jee Vice Optic Couture, (949) 542-4841,

“Jee Vice eyewear designs personify my philosophy, which does not compromise on either beautiful form or real world function,” says Jee Vice founder and designer Philippe Vergez. “Women have different facial needs and facial structures, which we can address in this collection because it is created for women only.”