Beach Closed for the Season

Wait! Don’t go away. I know you wanted to check out some sunwear ON THE BEACH. Frankly so did we. But we decided to make the point that sunglasses are not just a summer/surf option. Even the chill of winter presents some “glaring” issues in terms of sunglasses. So... we headed to Ned Matura’s studio with a heap of scarves and a closet full of sweaters to present a relative sun storm of great shades. If you study these pics you can actually figure out the January cover star. And if you head to the info is all there as 140 characters or less. EyeVote for a quick web trip and some executive visions of this same shoot by 20/20’s Jackie Micucci via iPhone at When is somebody going to take MY picture for this web exclusive feature?

―James J. Spina