Forget the beach. Boo-Who to winter. We decided that the ultimate sun-scene this year would be a down-and-dirty New York club with the main heat being supplied by a hot, young couple daring to glare down the paparazzi with the season’s BEST new sunglasses. “She” was steamy to the extreme and he seemed a bit young but doesn’t that equally energize the mating mix.

The whole 20/20 edit team filled in on some of the background shots and fortunately there are no panic-stricken pics of a certain editor-in-chief getting locked in the bathroom. Not to worry... “She” got him out with a credit card trick she uses to get into her own apartment.

And as an added bonus we thought you might like to see OSI’s Larry Sands preparing for the opening of The Chrome Hearts optical store on Madison Avenue in NYC. Yes... those are sterling silver door hinges. Sands stars as the cover story for the January 2009 20/20 issue.