Here’s a “Jersey Shore” story truly worth a bit of attention for all the RIGHT reasons. Last summer just-turned-teen singer-songwriter Jack Skuller blitzed the beach winning first place in a New Jersey shore talent competition sponsored by 101.5 FM. His prize-winning song “Love Is a Drum” sparked the interest of Bar/None records owner Glenn Morrow with its brash rag-a-billy exuberance driven by more than a whiff of tween angst. The record makes its debut/download on April 20, and this kid’s got the essence of potential “–mania” easily tucking on to the end of his name. We’re breathless and only hope you someday say you EYED it first here at 20/20. To layer on your memory mastery we deliver his upcoming single record sleeve and a cool pic of Jack sporting some Calvin Klein CK shades (style 4089) from Marchon and the new PRS Staria X guitar he just got for his birthday. Next up for this soon-super star is a gig at Maxwell’s in Hoboken on April 25 and a visit from you to Get there before the crowd gets massive.    

—James J. Spina