Like many of you, I was glued to my TV screen this summer watching the Olympics. Although the performance of individual athletes was thrilling, it was the teamwork that impressed me most. No matter how great an athlete’s performance was, they could not have accomplish it without the support of teammates, coaches, trainers and families.

Teamwork is also the key to success in an optical dispensary. Each person plays an integral part in creating the best experience for the patient. They are the patient’s support team. Each team member must perform at a high level in order to assure that the patient walks out the door with a great looking, great fitting pair of eyewear or contact lenses. In the case of an optometric practice, they also need to feel assured that the quality of their eye exam was first rate and the doctor addressed all of their optical concerns.

Patients judge the quality of their optical experience against other local eyecare practices and optical retail stores, and they award the best performer with their loyalty. This amounts to winning a gold medal for your team.

Optical labs also need to perform at world class levels. They’ve got to please their accounts, whether they’re making Rxs for
an independent practice, optical retail chain or managed-vision-care company. Every step in the process must be executed with flawless precision or else the job must be redone. Try repeating the process several hundred, or several thousand times a day, and you’ll quickly appreciate the incredible skill and dedication to excellence required to be a top-performing lab.

Whether you work in a professional practice, retail store or lab, you and your teammates are being continually challenged to deliver world class eyewear and eyecare. Dedicating yourself to the task is the first step toward meeting that challenge.

—Andrew Karp
Group Editor
Lenses & Technology