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—Melissa Arkin

Rx-ercising Your Wallet
Among respondents who have ever bought prescription eyeglasses and wear prescription eyeglasses themselves, it seems the turnover rate for buying a new pair of Rx frames is about every two to three years. While 41.9 percent of males reported purchasing a new pair of prescription eyeglasses around every two years, 20.1 percent buy every three years and 18.1 percent make an Rx purchase even less frequently than that.

A Convenient Purchase

Men are turning to grocery, drug and convenience stores for their sunglass buying needs, with a majority (62.1 percent) of the shades purchased in such outlets. Although these stores by far exceeded men’s sunglass sales in other kinds of outlets, the second most popular sunwear source was sports stores (12.0) percent), followed by sunglass specialty stores (9.6 percent).