Photographed by NED MATURA; Senior Features Editor GLORIA NICOLA

It’s a natural. Widely used in interior design, furniture, top-grade housewares, textiles and the internal trim of exclusive cars, wood is also a natural choice for eyewear—combining the earthy simplicity of the material with sophisticated design for an ecologically friendly product. It’s light, feels comfortable on the skin and its warm tones flatter any complexion. Available in a vast range of hues and grains, wood can stand alone or be adorned with colors, patterns or accents. Enjoy your walk in the woods.

Exotic wood consists of amourette wood, also known as snakewood because of its distinctive markings resembling snakeskin (red-brown with black stripes). The tree grows in French Guiana, South America. Extremely hard and dense, the wood is mainly used in the manufacturing of small decorative craft items, jewelry and violin bows.