Isaac Newton once wrote: “If I have seen further, it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.” I am grateful to have gained a greater perspective into the world of writing and publishing by peering over the shoulders of the cool and creative staff at 20/20. And now as my extraordinary reign as Guest Editor-in-Chief draws to a close, I reflect upon this adventure with awe, still astonished that it has even occurred.
Just a few months ago I wrote a short essay and entered it in 20/20’s contest for a guest editor-in-chief. Much like Jack and his infamous magic beans, others scoffed at my wishes of winning and thought my hopes were as thin as the clouds in the sky. But I had a small hunch that my little essay might grow into something big and sure enough… I won! And I soon found myself staring straight out of my window at a large and wondrous beanstalk (which in my case was more like the Holland Tunnel). It led me straight to the Soho offices of 20/20, a realm I had never dreamed I’d see.

I found myself climbing to new heights, relishing challenges and breathing the sweet air of experiences I had never known. I edited copy and reviewed layout pages while enjoying my own Manhattan office with a view. I interviewed the talented Lisa Loeb and watched her perform live on stage that very same night at EyeRock. I live tweeted from a fashion photo shoot showcasing glamorous models in eyewear. And did I mention I did it all while being housed in fabulous accommodations in the heart of Times Square?

Yes, I landed a posh job with the ultimate perks but the real job of James Spina, 20/20’s actual Editor-in-Chief is certainly nothing to bat an eye at, for his shoes could never be filled in the blink of an eye. He and the staff at 20/20 are hardworking, resourceful and determined while still being artistic, imaginative and fun. They may have their heads in the eyewear clouds but their feet are still planted firmly on the ground. They have been a huge inspiration to me, and one day I hope I can return to 20/20. I have a feeling the journey has just begun.

Cheryl G. Murphy
Guest Editor-in-Chief