By Jillian Urcelay

JU: How do you balance the kid/parent dynamic when dispensing frames?
TR: The kid/parent dispensing dynamic can be interesting… Parents and children tend to have their own ideas on what to wear.
One important point I try to make to the adult is: If the child doesn’t
like the frame, he or she won’t wear it. Seeing well is more important than the style battle.

Are your children’s frames in the Jackson Rogers collection inspired by the adult styles or do you create styles specifically for kids?
My son Jackson was just born when I started designing Jackson Rogers Eyewear. Most of the collection is an interpretation of a classic shape with the addition of a children’s bridge. As for the colorways, I stepped back to “Jackson Pollock-Up” some classic colors with a bold color accent or some killer camo.

What tips can you give retailers working with children?
Get down on their level… literally! The wonders of yoga allow me to still sit cross-legged on the floor while fitting and dispensing to the wee ones. Try it sometime—you’ll get a different perspective looking around the shop, too.

What trends are you seeing for kids right now in the eyewear world?  
I’m finding in our retail office and speaking with our Todd Rogers resellers that the new vibe in kids’ eyewear styles is much older than their age. Modified P3/rounder shapes, larger rectangles in classics colorways or bolder colors… Parents are starting to feel more comfortable with color and size.  ■