Being an optical arena publication, it should come as no surprise that we love being SEEN. In fact, 20/20 likes making its presence known so much that we plan on being seen all over the online media scene in 2010. Over the past year we topped off our Internet trifecta, adding Facebook and Twitter pages to our already-existing blog, 20/20&U.

This year, we plan on stepping up our game. We are online and on board and we want you to come with us wherever we go. When the 20/20 art and edit teams are conducting our fashion photo shoots, we’ll be on Facebook delivering behind-the-scenes photo coverage. Be on the look out for instant trend reports on Twitter touting the latest and greatest eyewear trends and news on just about everything on eyewear’s radar. And keep checking the 20/20&U blog for reflections on our monthly issues from the 20/20 whole editorial team. This year will be one packed with status updates, news feeds, tweets, and blog posts a-plenty and some significant changes on the site. So, friend us and follow us and let the information flow.

We want to hear back from you. Tune in and make some noise—our online existence needs your participation to thrive and we encourage feedback on each site. As much as we like being seen, we like seeing YOU even more!

Melissa Arkin
Associate Editor