Photographed by NED MATURA

No question: Value eyewear is a valuable—and essential—addition to any product mix. Because this category continues to evolve in style, quality, durability and comfort—all at reasonable price points—it provides eyecare professionals with innumerable options for meeting consumer needs. Here suppliers share their thoughts on these indispensable products.

“When we started Value Eyewear, we were selling low-priced frames for third-party providers. Today we have evolved to selling cutting-edge, high-fashion frames made from first-quality European materials that still work great for managed care providers at very modest prices.”
—Elliot Friedman, co-president,
   Value/Vivid Eyewear

“The value category is more important then ever. It’s now used for many consumer needs—insurance plans, second pair promotions, union upgrades or just to address more affordable options. The product has also evolved from basic to fashionable. Smilen Eyewear continues to expand this market.”
— Scott Smilen, CEO,
    Smilen Eyewear

Clockwise from left: VIVID 518 from Value Eyewear; AMADEUS AFO723 from Optimate; BROOKLYN 17 from Smilen Eyewear; FRAMEWORKS 424 from Hilco

“The frame styles in value eyewear have become sleeker, more in line with higher-priced looks, introducing fashionable color palates and modern shapes into a budget price point.”
— Matt Weingarden, i-dealoptics
     vice president of marketing

“The mass market is always looking for value. At LBI, we listen to our customers who tell us today’s consumers seek titanium frames, frames made from Italian plastic and such comfort features as European spring hinges—all of which can be found in St. Moritz Eyewear.”
—Bob Perry, senior vice
    president, LBI Operations

Clockwise from top: CASINO Brook from i-dealoptics; HARVE BENARD 571 from Zimco Optics; VALERIE SPENCER 9166 from New York Eye/A Hart Specialties Company; LIMITED EDITIONS Linsey from LB