Gisele Bündchen is again the face of this year’s Vogue Eyewear worldwide advertising campaign, “Gisele Plays With Vogue,” for Luxottica. Vogue Eyewear aims to be the choice of open, lively and positive young woman around the globe and the glamorous model Gisele exudes the playful femininity that Vogue Eyewear represents. “Gisele is the perfect spokesperson for Vogue because she is well known but accessible and she embodies the fun concept of the brand,” says Vittorio Verdun, vice president of marketing for Luxottica. “Vogue Eyewear is for the fashion lover, not victim. Someone who lives in the world of fashion and is inspired by the celebrities, like Gisele, they see in magazines.”

“I feel very lucky that today I am able to choose the campaigns I want to do. What I like about working with Vogue and Luxottica is the credibility,” says Gisele. “When you’re Luxottica and you’re making sunglasses for the best brands in the world, you know what you are doing. For me, it is very important that whatever I do, whatever I put my name with, has quality.”

The “Gisele Plays With Vogue” campaign, and Gisele, with her distinctive elegance and natural freshness, invites everyone to follow their own style and enhance it with a pair of Vogue glasses.